Newton Sheriff, Covington Police continue to investigate 3 murders

COVINGTON -- Authorities are still looking into the three murders that rocked Newton County and Covington last week.

A 66-year-old woman and her 56-year-old nephew were shot in their split-level Tempie Lane residence on Feb. 7. No suspects have been identified.

"This is still a very active investigation. We're putting a lot of manpower and time into solving this case quickly," said NCSO Lt. Tyrone Oliver.

Oliver said authorities are hoping to put together a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators and encouraged anyone with information on the case to call the Sheriff's Office at 678-625-1400. If the caller wishes to remain anonymous, he or she can go to www.newtonsheriffga.org and click on Anonymous Tips.

The Covington Police have a suspect in custody in connection with the Friday morning shooting death of 26-year-old Ketitra Techelle Jones, but are releasing few details as they continue their investigation into the incident, according to Capt. Philip Bradford of the department's Criminal Investigations Division.

Hannibal Wayne McMullen, 47, who, according to court documents, lives at 60 Whispering Pine Ct., turned himself in to authorities over the weekend after fleeing the scene of the shooting. He remains at the Newton County Detention Center charged with murder.

Witnesses came forward and told police they heard several gun shots and saw a gun firing shots through the window of a blue Toyota Corolla into a Silver Dodge Ram Truck as both vehicles were traveling north down Washington Street.

"Both vehicles were moving. He shot through the passenger side window and shattered it and hit her," Bradford said.

The truck then crashed into the support pole of an awning at the Pure gas station at the corner of Washington and Carroll streets. The victim was dead at the scene.

McMullen and the victim were allegedly linked romantically, but when she tried to terminate the relationship, she told Superior Court Judge Ken Wynne a few days before Christmas last year that McMullen threatened her life.

In petitioning for a Temporary Restraining Order for stalking, Jones alleged that she had asked McMullen to "stop calling and harassing me and stop coming to my job looking for me."

She went on to state that on Dec. 5 he had made the statement "if he can't have me, he would kill me."

Wynne issued the order on Dec. 20 that McMullen was not to have contact with Jones or her family and not to approach within 500 yards of Jones. The order was served in open court.

McMullen was known to authorities as he had a laundry list of charges against him in Newton County, dating back to 1983. Charges included burglary, shoplifting, simple battery, obstruction of law enforcement officers and a variety of drug charges.

Newton Citizen reporter Crystal Tatum contributed to this story.


Chris 3 years, 9 months ago

Temporary Restraining Orders are a joke, and a bad one. How many more women must die violently at the hands of their self-declared tormentors before we do something different? The professionals in the criminal justice system and the public at large have to insist on reform or share in culpability for the predictable outcomes. Women must do everything possible to defend themselves. A TRO is viewed by your tormentors as a declaration of war, so you must be prepared to back it up. Get a big gun and learn how to use it, so that you may at least try to defend yourself when others cannot. Get a permit and take it wherever you go. Display it publicly in a holster. Don't be a victim. We all have to stop deluding ourselves that a court order will have an impact on the behavior of a career criminal. How naive can we possibly be? How long can we pretend to believe this system protects women? Women friends, you are going to have to take up the cause and make a giant stink about this issue before there will be change, because men are not going to do it for you. This would make an excellent signature issue for a young up-and-coming District Attorney. The alternative is to keep burying sisters with TROs.


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