LETTER: 'Spread the wealth' only designed to keep Obama in office

It should be obvious to any thoughtful and observant person that President Obama has not been faithful in abiding by his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. One has difficulty citing anything he has done, or proposed, that is something good for the country. On the other hand, one can cite many things he has done, or proposed, having a negative or degrading effect, morally, ethically, and economically. This is so obviously evidenced by his actions one is led to think he regards that as a mandate.

However, to perpetuate such fraudulent goals, he needs supporters. And who better to fill that role than the Congress, educators, and news media. A Congress to cooperate in creating a myriad of programs to buy the loyalty of voters with funds taken from the productive among us, or borrowed from other nations. Borrowing money is a slap in the face to the working class since repayment of the loan includes interest. It appears educators are filling the role of brainwashing the young while still in their formative years. And then there is the media willing to play the game for self-serving reasons. It is the only private institution in the entire Constitution granted a specific right, freedom of the press. It is unmistakably clear that the Founding Fathers granted this right with the expectation that the people would be kept truthfully informed of any wayward actions of either the legislative or executive branch of government. The bias seems obvious to the perceptive, but then it is good for their business and bottom line.

In combination, one might call this an organized gang of thugs, or a cabal of schemers, plotting ways to stay in office by taking the assets of the doers and giving to the don'ts in exchange for their votes. It is commonly referred to as "spreading the wealth around." It is reported that some 47 percent of the electorate pays no taxes, or put another way, are receiving a benefit from government, and inclined to vote for the hand that feeds them. If we are to survive as a nation, those receiving a benefit or handout should be required to forfeit voting rights, as that clearly constitutes a conflict of interest. Once that percentage reaches 51 percent we will all become subjects, instead of citizens, and this gang seems determined to reach that goal. When that happens, expect to see a call for registration of all firearms subject to severe penalty for failure. When that is completed, confiscation will soon follow to eliminate any resistance to the whims of the ruling class, this being the army of government dependents Obama boasted of creating during his campaign that would be as mighty as the military.

I see one final chance to avoid disaster. That will be the general election of 2012. Vote to purge Congress of the character-deficient as well as the president who fails to put the interest of the people before themselves.

-- Grady L. Mullins