LETTER: President isn't getting results; it's firing time

How do you judge good leadership? This is a question more pertinent to the American voters than ever before. Much could be said about someone who is a good leader and able to visualize, have confidence in what he is doing, be encouraging, challenging, motivating, empowering, understanding, planning, and other things. But, the bottom line is the ability of a leader to produce results. This is why some athletes, coaches, CEOs, etc., are paid big bucks. It is the results that count. If someone does not produce, they are terminated and somebody else is brought in to be the leader and this is as it should be.

The job of governing boards is to hire and keep good/outstanding producers in leadership positions. That is the only way organizations can be successful. Of course, governing boards sometimes make mistakes in the people they hire, and they have to correct what they have done by terminating the person they hired. This, at times, can be painful, but it is the job they can't avoid.

We voters, who are the governing board of our government, are faced with what to some will be a difficult decision and to others will be quite easy. We have to make a decision regarding Obama's leadership. Has he been successful or has he been unsuccessful? Those who have received his largess will eagerly vote for him. Those whose lives are worse off should and will vote for someone else.

One of the things which can be said about a successful leader is that he attempts to empower everyone in the organization to be successful in his job. He does not diminish the ability of one person to perform so that another can improve his performance. He takes what he has inherited, regardless of what that is, and brings improvement, and, it might be said, he never blames his lack of progress on the leader who was before him. If we apply these things to Obama, he has been a miserable failure because he has been in the process of diminishing the ability of successful people to produce in order to give support to those who contribute little to nothing in making us a better country, and he has been blaming Bush for his failures.

In 2012 we are faced with more unemployment, more people living in poverty, more people on welfare, more people receiving food stamps, the price of gasoline 80 percent higher, the value of our dollar much less, more division among the American people than when Obama became president. Based on these things, he deserves to be replaced because he has failed to improve the productivity of the organization we call the United States. We have become far less of a strong nation since he took office. It is up to us voters to correct the mistake we made in hiring the wrong person.

--Roger P. Bolton