Covington tree care company owner offers 18 years of experience in the field


Daniel Bauer, owner of Arbor Equity, Inc.


Daniel Bauer, owner of Arbor Equity Inc. in Covington, performs maintenance on a tree.

After 18 years working as an arborist for a string of multi-million dollar tree service companies along the East Coast, Daniel Bauer decided to grow a business of his own. In April, he started Arbor Equity Inc., a full service tree, shrub and turf treatment company based in Covington.

"My main reason is that a lot of large companies got away from good customer service," said Bauer.

The primary purpose of his company is to help people preserve their trees, especially those under stress because of improper pruning, structural defects or damage from weather. The company will install mechanical supports if necessary.

Bauer said his customers include "anyone with a tree and a desire to keep it," and only about 30 percent of his business is tree removal. The business also aids tree owners in battling tree weakness brought on by disease or exotic pests such as the Asian long horned beetle or the ambrosia beetle.

"I look at it as I don't want to go on in for a one time job on someone's property. I'd like to be there for the life of the tree, 10 to 20 years," said Bauer.

Bauer said he offers free consultations for tree owners, and prepares plans for them to keep their trees healthy.

"It's kind of a prescription plan of what needs to be done," said Bauer.

As president and owner of Arbor Equity, Bauer holds an associate's degree in urban tree management from Paul Smith's College in New York, his native state. He is a master arborist (one of 377 in the world, according to Bauer), certified by the International Society of Aboriculture, an organization through which all of his five employees are certified. Most of his employees are also Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals.

A resident of Georgia for the last five years, Bauer is a member of the Georgia Urban Forest Council and the Georgia Golf Course Superintendent Association.

"I love working outside and I love the fact that we're dealing with people's properties and ... that they're very invested in what you're dealing with," said Bauer.

On Feb. 11, Bauer is sponsoring an Arbor Day event (Arbor Day in Georgia is Feb. 17) in Newborn where he'll attach ropes and saddles to trees and allow children to experience tree climbs.

Bauer said that, because he is now his own boss, he can go where he wants to care for trees. Even though his business is based in Georgia, he travels out of state to meet customers' needs, tending to jobs in New York, South Carolina and Virginia.

"If you ask why I like my career it's because it's constantly changing. Every tree is different, every client is different and every day is different, in a sense, than the day before," said Bauer.

Bauer said he included "equity" in the name of his business because he strives to incorporate fairness into his business approach.

He said he is frustrated, in general, with the service industry, citing issues such service workers not showing up on time or returning phone calls.

The staff at Arbor Equity strives to be reliable and professional, said Bauer.

"We all have the same belief that there's a certain way that business should be done and this is the way we're going to do it," said Bauer.

To learn more, visit www.arborequityinc.com or call 706-818-5572.