Covington officer arrests two on drug charges

COVINGTON -- A Covington Police officer made two daytime drug arrests Monday.

Around 10 a.m., while on routine patrol, the officer passed S&S Package Store on Ga. Highway 36 and observed some suspicious behavior by two individuals in the parking lot of the store.

According to the CPD incident report, one of the men was watching the officer as his patrol unit went by and attempted to duck behind a green pickup.

"This location was a popular spot for drug transactions," the officer stated in his report, adding that he had made several arrests there.

The officer identified Eddie Lamar Shy as the man he'd seen ducking behind the truck and noted that he was visibly nervous, he was shaking, his voice trembled when he talked and his eyes were darting "as though he was planning an escape route." A computer check revealed Shy had a suspended driver's license.

The report states that Shy maintained he was at the lot talking with the other man about some construction work that was coming up. The man said he was just at the location talking to Shy. When the officer asked the other man if they were making plans to work together, the man told him no as he'd had brain surgery and hadn't worked in years. He also said Shy had driven there to meet him.

The officer confronted Shy about driving with a suspended license and he said he was sorry, shouldn't have done it and would call somebody to come pick him up; however, the officer noted that Shy was still extremely nervous and agitated, so he asked him if he had anything illegal on him or in his vehicle.

"Shy stared at (me) with a blank look on his face and could not respond," the report states.

When the officer repeated the question, he said, "Shy immediately looked back at his vehicle and stated that there shouldn't be (anything illegal in it)."

The officer told him that if there was, he would need to get it out and asked Shy if he could search the truck. Shy agreed.

Found inside the vehicle was a plastic bag containing nine prepackaged plastic bags of marijuana, ready for sale, the report states.

Shy, 46, of 6153 Water Oak Circle, was arrested and charged with possession, manufacturing, distributing of controlled substances.

Later that same afternoon around 2 p.m., the officer observed a man walking in the vicinity of Briscoe and Robinson streets dressed in a jacket with the hood pulled over his face.

"The temperature was near 70 degrees ... " the incident report states. "(The officer) rode slowly next to the subject; however, the subject would not turn and look at (the officer)."

The officer got out of his vehicle and confronted the man and noticed he became "increasingly nervous ... his voice was shaking and his chest was pounding so it could be seen through his jacket."

When the officer asked him why he was so nervous and if he had anything illegal on his person, the man grabbed his coat pockets and stated "nothing that he was aware of," according to the report.

The officer asked again and the man admitted he had crack cocaine in his front left jacket pocket. The officer retrieved it and found a second piece of crack cocaine in his right pocket.

Ardest D. Bryant, 54, of 212 Collingsworth St., was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.