Newton Citizen Poll for Dec. 30, 2012

This is in response to some of the moochers on EBT. As long as you're on the taxpayer's payroll the taxpayer is going to complain, and rightfully so. If you don't want to hear it, get a life. You need to be able to support the babies you have. If you can't you should be fixed and all it should take is one kid. I don't have any problem with people having kids that can afford them, but to those that can't, I have no sympathy. If you go into the hospital and have to have a kid at taxpayers expense, they should fix you right after the kid is delivered. Stop being a drain on society."

"Good schools come when there is good leadership all over the county. It disturbs me that we don't have Board of Education term limits here in Newton. ... I worry that race is always brought up and that our superintendent can't even make a personnel decision without cronies getting in the way. We need term limits. There is corruption on the Newton BOE that has not yet met the eye but SACS comes in January for a first meeting ... I think it is time to expose."

"I am calling in to ask why is any school board member whining at the superintendent about promoting a white person? That is not what elected people get involved in? I live in District 1, which is not 75 percent black but there are four schools here: ME, HME, RPE and AHS. Three of the four have black principals -- 75 percent -- so why would anyone be whining about appointing leaders based on race, it seems to me especially at Alcovy High and I have told my board member to fix this -- every single administrator is black except one and all counselors are black. Let Dr. Mathews put the leaders where he thinks they belong and leave him alone."

"I am calling in to ask in amazement is the other newspaper in town hurting? They are blasting $3 deals to my inbox. The mistakes in grammar are horrific. All over town I hear people say they have canceled their subscription but in many cases the paper keeps coming. That is sad. Are they unable to hire quality staff because incoming money is low? Can we get a new legal organ with the Citizen?"----

"My comments are for the mayor of the city of Covington. I am a nurse residing in Morgan County. I am employed as an in-home caregiver and medical provider. We work on a schedule in coordination with doctors and hospitals. We mostly care for elderly and disabled patients. Some are wheelchair and bed-bound. Many have suffered from strokes, are diabetic, or have recently been dismissed from a hospital. We check their blood pressure, glucose levels, wound care, medications, etc. Many patients are now being pushed out of hospitals early, and both the state and federal governments are advocating home care because in the long run it is cheaper. A majority of these patients live alone. Many times in the past when I would come to Covington, I could not get to my scheduled appointment. Their street or neighborhood would be blocked by a policeman or a person wearing some type of club jacket or shirt. These people are always rude, and they tell me in no uncertain terms that I cannot get to my patient and to move on or I will be arrested. I cannot see these patients because of movie filming, some type of race or a parade. I recently read an article in a Newton paper where the Covington mayor had reached some type of agreement with the filming companies pertaining to blocked streets, but the article made no mention if the Covington Police would allow scheduled medical care visits to the home-bound patients on the blocked streets. I do not see this denial in other areas where I have scheduled appointments. If the federal and state governments are pushing more people into home care, and it seems to be the criteria of the future, then the Justice Department or the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services should contact the city of Covington and compel them to comply with these government programs."

"After reading the article about Commissioner Ewing being such a good man in today's paper, I was one of the people who helped talk Chairman Kathy Morgan into running for commission and chairman in '08. She always talked about her friend Mort, but after three years in her term, the friend Mort started using the paper against her. It seems everything she did he found it be to wrong. The Cook Road project is one and really hurt her real bad, even using her friend J.C., a Democrat, against her too. It just shows you that politics is dirty, so you need to have thick skin to be in it. Also what I would like to see is a boxing match between President Obama and Republican Chairman Boehner, and may the best man win. I guess in the president's address, some of Boehner's looks from behind the president, I think should cut the president in half. Thank you."


NoSPLOST 2 years, 9 months ago

Mort did nothing to Morgan she did it to herself. Good riddance. The NSP workmans liens have not yet been fully exposed as the new grand jury has told the BOC to dig in. It is highly serious.


dennistay53 2 years, 9 months ago

AlLL elected officials should have to run every two years with a two term or 4 year limit ; This way they would be more inclined to live up to their promises.


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