Trees, manger scenes centerpieces for festively decorated home

Garmon has adorned this tree with ribbons.

Garmon has adorned this tree with ribbons.


A tree in Garmon's sunroom is decorated with ornaments her grown children made as youngsters.


Garmon's newest Christmas ornament is an Aloha Reindeer, left, she got during a recent trip to Hawaii, and her oldest decoration is a Santa, right, she got from her mother.


Stockbridge resident Teresa Garmon sits by her breast cancer awareness-themed tree, one of a dozen indoor Christmas trees she puts up at the holidays.


Garmon's parents made this tree out of white coat hangers, garland and lights.

CONYERS -- Teresa Garmon begins pulling out her Christmas decorations at the end of September and doesn't finish putting up her 12 indoor trees, 12 mangers scenes, two Christmas villages, house lights and yard decorations -- including Santa, several reindeer, snowmen, candy cane arch, manger scene, and additional lit trees -- until just before Thanksgiving.

She's purchased some decorations, and acquired others from friends and relatives.

"The focal point is the birth of Christ. The manger scene is the first thing you see," said Garmon, of the life-size scene in her front yard.

Other manger scenes, placed throughout her house, are smaller and made of materials such as white porcelain, clear glass, paper mache, pottery, wood and silver.

The Stockbridge resident puts up trees, which range in height from several feet tall to just a few inches, in every room of her house at Christmas time.

One of her more special trees is a recent installment -- a tree covered in pink decorations in honor of breast cancer awareness. The tree features pink bows, butterflies, ribbons and angels.

Garmon is a breast cancer survivor. She runs a monthly breast cancer support group and ministers to cancer patients at a cancer center in Conyers.

"It's just a special reminder that I do that there is life after cancer and in honor of us all, that it doesn't take us out," Garmon said of her breast cancer awareness tree.

Other trees dear to her heart include a fiber optic tree that belonged to her grandmother and a tree in her sunroom that is adorned with all of the handmade decorations that her children, who are now grown, made as youngsters.

She also has two small trees, made by her parents, that consist of white wire coat hangers fashioned into tree shapes and decorated with lights and garland.

Garmon's fireplace mantel is also hung with 13 stockings, one for her mother and the rest for her children and grandchildren.

"My house is full of memories, and family traditions," Garmon said.