On the Beat: Beware of mad, bad drivers

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A man called the NCSO to say a silver truck had been tailgating him and even turned off the road they were on, but several turns later, the truck showed up again right on his bumper. Finally the truck attempted to pass him and in doing so, struck his vehicle, damaging the driver's side front fender. The truck then turned into the McGiboney Road recycling center and the man followed him in with the intention of reporting the accident. But before he could exit his vehicle, the man driving the truck began walking toward him in an aggressive manner, yelling at him and when he reached the victim's vehicle, he tore the driver's side mirror and the windshield wiper off the car. The victim called 911 and when deputies arrived they arrested the truck driver and charged him with aggressive driving and criminal trespass.

-- A woman at Walmart on Salem Road was informed by two witnesses that a woman who got out of a green minivan had struck her vehicle with a shopping cart, causing scratches and damages. She and the two witnesses waited for the woman to exit Walmart and when she did, they confronted her about the incident. The woman then began yelling and became irate, grabbing yet another shopping cart and ramming her own vehicle with it. When told the police were going to be called, she got into her car and drove away.The 'unknown' caperAn NCSO deputy responded to a call in which a man reported on an unknown date, at an unknown time, at an unknown location, an unknown person struck his vehicle causing damage to his grill and bumper. He stated he believed it probably happened while his wife was out shopping somewhere. The vehicle was not at the location when the deputy arrived so it was unknown what damage had been done.Some friendA woman called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report that she had allowed a "friend" to keep his clothes at her residence and come there to change clothes. During this arrangement she suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for two weeks. When she came back home, she discovered that several items were missing from her home including three watches valued at $600, a diamond ring valued at $1,500, a digital camera valued at $650 and $250 in cash. She suspects her "friend."The munchiesA local gas station notified the Covington Police Department that a patron was just in the store and purchased a pack of cigarettes, but also stole several candy bars. Police were able to catch up with the suspect and found a receipt for the cigarettes, but not for the $7.47 worth of candy bars in her possession. She went to jail and her car was towed.Lost purse recoveredA purse was found in a Dumpster by a Dollar General employee which contained a checkbook, several credit cards, a driver's license and other items. The owner, who had lost her purse at a local restaurant a few days earlier, was located and she confirmed everything was there except the $2,860 cash she had.Nothing worksAn attendant at a local service station notified the NCSO that a man had pumped gas at his station, but when he tried to pay for it, his debit card was declined. The attendant kept the man's debit card, his ID, tag number and his phone number while the man went to get the funds to pay for the gas. An hour later he hadn't returned, so the attendant tried the phone number. It didn't work either. He called 911.Hello, honeyA woman called the CPD to report that while lying in bed she heard someone tampering with her bedroom window. She said she kept very still and the window opened, the curtains were pulled back and what to her wondering eyes should appear but her ex-boyfriend. When he saw the woman, he backed out of the window and ran off. The woman said she had been in an on-and-off relationship with him for five years, but had been broken up with him for at least a month. Two of her four children -- ages 2, 5, 6 and 7 -- belonged to him. She said she would take an arrest warrant out for him.Can't wait for policeA woman was at a recycling center when a man struck and damaged her vehicle. He gave her his name and phone number, but told her he couldn't stay around long enough for the police to arrive. She waited until her husband came home from work so he could tell her what to do. He advised calling the NCSO.