Letter to the Editor: Major media not telling us what we need to know

Major media not telling us what we need to know

In another news publication, I read recently that General Motors (GM) is in the process of buying back some of the 500 million shares of stock that the US government owes from its bailout back in 2008-09. Remember, our government bailed out GM with $49.5 billion in money it borrowed from China. Now I understand from the news article that GM is buying back 200 million shares for $28.7 billion. The article points out how great this is and that GM is paying our government $27.50 per share, which is 8 percent greater than it was selling on the stock exchange earlier in the week. That is of course less than what our government paid for it and to break even GM would have to give our government $70 per share for the remaining 300 million shares it owns. (This will never happen.) The article never accounts for the interest that has been paid annually on the money since it was borrowed from China to give to GM. You and I have to eat that along with whatever the final payment lacks in being paid in full. All that simply gets added to the debt, which now exceeds $16 trillion. It spent little space on the probability that GM would ever pay it all back. So the article itself was a "good news" story, which made me ill. It is not honest journalism, and it continues the game the major media has been playing for too many years. It was telling me that it is raining when really it is our government that is peeing down my leg.

On Friday, Dec. 14, a major tragedy struck a small New England town in Connecticut. A town most of us never heard of suddenly became a news story. Newtown and its elementary school suddenly became the focus of major media from across the nation and around the world. Airtime and print space became filled with information. A great portion of the early reporting was wrong. But slowly the facts became more clear since every aspect of this event has been taken apart and looked at inside out. We now know all the people involved and detail after detail of everything. I do not mean to make light of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I am public school educator and this hits me very hard because it is what I do and have done for 45 years. Additionally, I am a father of three and a grandfather, and I just cannot get my head around losing a child or grandchild. I say all this to simply ask a question.

Why is it that we learn every detail of this event, but the same media cannot give us an honest reporting of what our government is doing? Why is it that this same media cannot press our congressional crowd and the government administration for the all the details of why it is that they cannot do their job and address the major issues that have been impacting our country for years? Why do they not want us to know about our government, but every detail of everything else?

-- John Hooper