Cashiers at Conyers Walgreen's face theft charges

CONYERS -- Three employees of Walgreen's on Ga. Highway 138 were arrested Monday after a loss prevention manager reported that they were allegedly helping each other steal items from the store.

According to a report by the Conyers Police Department, four female employees -- ranging in age from 20 to 48 -- allegedly scanned items at the register and then deleted charges for some of them or failed to scan some items and allowed friends or other employees to take the merchandise without paying for it.

The loss prevention manager told the CPD officer that three of the suspects had been interviewed, had admitted guilt and had completed written statements admitting the thefts and the estimated amount of items stolen. A fourth suspect had called in sick that day and was not at the store.

Suspect Dorethea Love-McCallum, 48, of 1245 Classic Drive NE, reportedly told the officer she would take items to the register when one of the other three suspects was working. The items would either be voided after being scanned or not scanned at all, according to the report. Love-McCallum reportedly said she would then pay only for the items that were scanned.

Suspects Amanda Eileen Benn, 20, of 1526 St. George Place, and Jessica Renee Lomas, 28, of 834 Peaks Landing, told similar stories about how they helped one another take items from the store, according to the police report.

All three suspects said the items most commonly taken were food, makeup and hair products.

The loss prevention manager provided video and documentation of the transactions.

Each suspect was charged with theft by taking -- misdemeanor.

A warrant was reportedly taken for the fourth suspect, but she had not been arrested as of Wednesday.