A special Christmas collection


Marcy Barkowsky-Glass holds up the 3-D Christmas Nativity ornament that was the passion behind her collection of over 500 Nativity scenes. She had mail ordered the ornament and when she was making it was when she was struck with her passion for the collecting, this was in 1982. Marcy has help with her current husband Michael Glass and his daughter Kelly Glass(her step daughter)it takes all 3 of them one full week at 40 hours each to put up the different managers. The curio cabinets of course stay year round. Barkowsky-Glass has nativities from the Vatican in ROme, Costa RIca, Honduras, Poland, Ireland, Finland,Israel, all over can't list them all.

Marcy Barkowsky-Glass has been collecting Nativity scenes since 1982 and now has more than 500 in her collection.