Letter: Treat others as God has taught us

When will it stop? Will it come to a Civil War between the Caucasian and the African American to put an end to the differences we keep putting between us? God created us as we are, and we cannot change who we are when it comes to color. What we can change is that the Caucasians stop looking down on the African Americans and the African Americans stop blaming the Caucasians for what our forefathers did.

This is today, a day when we need to look at one another, smile at one another, be courteous to one another, say good day to one another, help one another and learn to live as His people. People will always have differences. Can we not learn to accept other differences and respect the person, African American or Caucasian (also Spanish)? God gave us the guidelines to live by; will we ever learn?

-- Lon R. Bedillion