Juvenile charged in muzzle loader theft; Covington woman charged in Conyers shoplifting, drug possession

COVINGTON -- A 15-year-old boy was charged with theft by receiving Friday afternoon after a Covington Police Department officer located a muzzle loader believed to have been taken in an entering auto incident earlier in the week.

The young man first came to the CPD'S attention when a complaint was made that the youngster was "pointing a gun at people." When questioned, the two young women who were the alleged victims in the gun-pointing incident, were not as concerned as the caller who reported the incident.

"The females were laughing and did not appear to be frightened or upset over this," the CPD incident report states. Later the girls showed the officer a photo on a cell phone that was taken of the incident.

When the officer asked the 15-year-old where the gun was, he first said he had given it to a friend. However, the officer hadn't seen a "friend," but had seen the young man exiting a utility room attached to his house.

The officer asked if it was OK for him to search the utility room and the young man said it would OK.

" ... both of us went into the utility room. He began to open the washing machine as if to help me and I told him to stop. He appeared to be doing this as a means of distracting me," the officer reported. "I looked at a pile of clothing on the floor on the left side of the room and immediately found a black muzzle loader underneath the clothing."

Another officer on the scene told the officer about an incident where a muzzle loader was taken from a car earlier in the week.

"I also located a black and silver BB pistol in the clothing and took possession of it," the report states.

The young man's father was notified of what had transpired and told to come to CPD headquarters where his son was being taken for questioning.

Once the father arrived, the 15-year-old was charged with theft by receiving in connection with the muzzle loader and released to his custody, per instructions from Juvenile Court. He was not charged in connection with the gun pointing incident.

Officers later called the young man's father, who they described as being "very cooperative" and asked him to check for an ammunition pouch that was also taken when the muzzle loader was stolen.

According to the report, he checked the utility room without result, but about 20 minutes later called the CPD detectives back and said he had told his son if he knew where the pouch was, he had better turn it over.

"His son left and returned with a jar of black powder. (The father) said he would have his son try to locate the rest of the ammo pouch," the report states.

The muzzle loader and black powder were returned to the victim.

In other crime news, a Covington woman suspected of shoplifting at Walmart on Dogwood Drive in Conyers wound up charged with multiple drug offenses Saturday.

According to a report by the Conyers Police Department, Didi Rae Blalock, 41, of 1005 Todd Drive, was observed by a security employee at Walmart as she allegedly placed items from the store shelves inside plastic Walmart shopping bags. The security guard said he stopped her as she passed all points of sale with a full shopping cart and called the CPD. The suspect allegedly told the security officer that she was not attempting to steal the items, she was going outside to see if her ride was waiting on her.

Blalock was arrested at the store and taken to the Rockdale County Jail where a search of her purse revealed a marijuana cigarette and six different types of pills, including Oxycodone, Alprazolam, Diazepam, Phentermine Hydrochloride and Carisoprodol.

Blalock was charged with theft by shoplifting, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, and possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Items allegedly taken from Walmart included 131 Christmas decorations, 30 Christmas ornaments, two Coca-Colas, and one book. The total value of the items was $380.43.

Citizen Editor Alice Queen contributed to this story.