FILS: BCS wrong to penalize Bulldogs for SEC title loss

When the 2012-13 bowl schedule game out I thought about the chant that used to come out of student section at Eastside's basketball games when they did not agree with a call -- "nuts and bolts we got screwed."

As many of you could be aware, I am not a Georgia fan, unless they play the Gators of course. When Alabama's C.J. Mosley tipped Aaron Murray's ball in the final of play of the SEC Championship causing Chris Conley to adjust and slip I could hear the hearts of the Bulldogs' faithful I was watching the game with drop as the look of shock and unbelief took over their faces. I on the other hand just looked and thought, "Wow that was close, but too bad so sad. Now we can watch Florida State beat up on Georgia Tech, sorry Khodabakhsh (not really)."

While Alabama certainly earned the right to play, and probably beat, the Fighting Irish for the national championship with their 32-28 win over Georgia, the Bulldogs being shunned by the BCS is very wrong.

How can the committee, or whatever system used to pick teams that will be playing in the BCS games, reward the Florida Gators (boo) by sending them to a bowl game for doing nothing? I know that the Gators only have one loss and Georgia has two. But that 17-9 loss was to Georgia and Georgia's second loss (still can't believe their first loss was to that evil genius Steve Spurrier) was in the championship game. The way I see it, Georgia is being punished for losing in the SEC Championship game and that is not fair. No team should not be penalized for playing that extra game.

Not only are the Bulldogs being penalized by playing in a lesser bowl, they're also being punished where it really hurts -- the pocketbook. By playing in the Capital One Bowl, Georgia will be part of a $4.5 million dollar payout. I'm not sure of the exact breakdown, but I think they keep half of what they get with the other half going to the SEC for distribution amongst the rest of the teams in the conference. If that's the case, UGA gets to keep about $1.125 million.

However, if there was justice in the football world then Georgia would be playing Louisville in the Sugar Bowl with a total payout in the vicinity of $17 million. I don't know about anyone else but I like that neighborhood a lot better. If that were the case, the university's cut of playing in the Sugar Bowl would be approximately $4.25 million which would be $3.125 million more.

It's not that I enjoy bashing the Gators (ok I do) but when they lost to Alabama 31-13 in 2009, that's the game Tim Tebow cried on the sideline, the Gators got to go to the Sugar Bowl. That's the way it should be. If the winner of the conference championship gets to play for a national title, then the team that lost should be the No. 1 team in line for their big bowl.

For those that think this is the reason we need to get rid of the BCS system and go with the playoff system, think about this. In this same scenario, Georgia would still be on the outside looking in. Under the new playoff system, which will begin in 2014, only the top four teams are eligible with the winners heading on to the championship game. Since Georgia's SEC Championship loss dropped them to No. 7 in the BCS standings, they would be out of contention with Florida and Oregon moving up.