Woman, 2-year-old victims of home invasion on Lakeview Drive in Covington

COVINGTON -- A Lakeview Drive woman and her 2-year-old child were victims of a home invasion around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, according to the Covington Police Department.

According to a CPD incident report, the woman approached a couple near the intersection of Lakeview and Spillers Drive and told them she had been robbed. She had fled her home in a black Honda Accord and she and her child were in the car on the side of the road when police arrived.

The police asked the woman to go back to her home on Lakeview Drive with them, and while officers checked the home to make sure no one was still inside, the woman left the scene. The woman was described as "hysterical," but she had previously told officers she wanted to go to her mother's house, so officers went to that location and had her and her mother return to the scene on Lakeview Drive.

When officers interviewed her, according to the incident report, she was still "crying loudly and breathing rapidly, still in a frantic state." She managed to tell officers she was asleep in a room with her daughter when she was awakened by a loud noise.

"All of the lights were off and the room was only lit by the TV. A white glove holding a gun appeared in her doorway and a male suspect told her not to move," the report states. "She then reacted and went from the bed onto the floor. (The suspect) told her to get up and then approached her, held a gun to her head and walked her into the hallway."

The woman told officers at that point her 2-year-old child woke up and began crying and the man told her to get the child. He then asked her where was the safe.

She directed him to a room in the house, but told him there was nothing in it. The suspect then took her to the sofa in the living room and told her to stay there. At that point, a second suspect came into the living room and held the woman at gunpoint there. A third suspect remained at the front door during the entire incident, she said.

"(The victim) said her child started crying and (the suspect) became angry, telling her several times to shut her up. (He) then took her phone and asked if she had called police while she was on the floor. (She) told him she did not have time to call anyone," the incident report states.

The three suspects then fled out the front door. The woman said she waited to leave the house because she was afraid they were still outside, but then she took her daughter and left in her car and had flagged down the first people she saw.

When officers were at the home they noted that the lower portion of the front door was kicked in, though it remained locked. A side door was open. Blinds were torn down in the living room and a TV had been removed, which the victim described as a large flat screen valued at more than $1,000.

Officers reported smelling the strong odor of marijuana and finding several small clear plastic bags, the kind commonly used to package marijuana, on the floor near the safe. The victim told them the safe belonged to the father of her child with whom she has an "on/off relationship."