ON THE BEAT: Good Samaritan tip not worth much

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A Good Samaritan called in a tip to the Newton County Sheriff's Office about where they might locate a stolen truck. Here's what the deputy reported finding: "When I arrived on scene the truck was sitting in a ditch. The headlights were missing and I could see there was no engine in it. Looking inside the truck there were no seats in the truck and the radio was missing. On the back side of the truck the tail gate was missing." No word on whether the owner wanted it back.

My bad

A man who lives near a golf course in an upscale Covington neighborhood reported that someone had entered his vehicle and taken $600 from the visor. He had found it missing the day before, but delayed reporting it to make sure he hadn't misplaced it somewhere else. The NCSO deputy noted there were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle and asked the owner if he'd left the vehicle unlocked prior to the money going missing. He said yes he had and went on to say that he normally didn't lock his car because he assumed he lived in a safe neighborhood.

-- A man who had stopped for a snack at a local chicken restaurant reported that someone had broken out the front passenger window of his vehicle and stolen $19,000 in cash from the center console. His girlfriend's purse was on the front floorboard with $150 in it, but that was untouched.

Anonymous friend

A woman reported several items missing from her apartment amounting to over $250 and told the NCSO that she suspected her "friend" who had been staying with her of taking the items. She could not provide any information about the friend such as an address or age.

Missing valuables

A woman called the NCSO to report that she moved out of a residence on the first of July and when she returned the first week in August to pick up her belongings, she had been robbed. She was only able to identify two missing items -- an animated dolphin picture and some Wet to Dry hair straightener.

-- A man notified the Covington Police Department that an unknown person entered his home and stole a four-pack of AAA-batteries valued at $4. No sign of forced entry, but the man said the same thing had happened before.

-- A woman reported that someone broke into her home and stole her television with a surround sound audio system, a DVD player, and a case of Pampers.

Fall from grace

A counselor with a rehabilitation facility called the NCSO to report that one of their clients had stolen the company van.

The day the music died

A man went to the NCSO to complain that he hired a moving company to move his petite grand piano, but when they backed out of his driveway, the piano turned over inside the moving van. He refused delivery of the damaged instrument. He said the company said they would try to find someone to repair the piano, but wanted him to sign a release. He didn't want to sign a release and has had no further contact with the moving company. He was told his problem was a civil matter.

Bad place for a nap

A man was found asleep in his car parked in a local subdivision. The deputy said he was patrolling the area when he happened upon the man. When he ran his license through GCIC, it came back that he was wanted out of Fort Valley. The sleepy man was arrested.

Only the very best will do

Two women were in the Shoe Depot and one of them put two pairs of Nike tennis shoes in her purse -- a man's size 8 and a woman's size 9 . The second woman took the shoes out to their car, one pair at a time. The two left in a black Cadillac.

Why I'd do that?

A man was stopped after CPD officers observed the driver spinning the tires and abruptly taking off. Once stopped, it was determined that his New York driver's license was suspended. The man was handcuffed and placed into the back of a police cruiser. He then began forcefully banging his head against the back glass of the vehicle. Officers tried everything to get him to stop, even administering an ineffective Taser. Finally he quit on his own and looked around in a dazed manner and asked one of the officers, "What the (blank) is wrong with you?" He went to jail.

Hankering for a snifter

The owner of a package store on Washington Street notified the CPD that a young man had entered his store and grabbed a bottle of liquor, wrapped it in a red T-shirt and walked out. A patrol officer spotted a suspect matching the description and had him lie face down on the ground. He took his time actually getting to the ground and it turned out during the delay, he had placed a red T-shirt with a bottle of brandy in it down a storm drain. The E&J Brandy was valued at $18.99. The brandy went back to the package store and the young man went to jail.

How drunk is too drunk?

A woman involved in a domestic dispute admitted to an NCSO deputy called to the scene that she had been drinking vodka and orange juice. He asked if she'd be willing to take a field sobriety test and she said she would but confided, "I'm too drunk to be drinking."

Help me, officer

A CPD officer answered a call about a suspicious person at a house that was for sale and when he arrived at the location he heard a woman calling for help. He found the woman lying in the driveway just outside the carport area. She told him she tripped and fell and it felt like she had broken her leg. While waiting for EMS to arrive, the officer began looking around the area and spotted a large piece of Sheetrock and insulation in the carport. He then saw a blood trail where it appeared someone had dragged themselves out of the carport and into the driveway. The officer then asked the woman had she, in fact, fallen out of the attic. She admitted she was in the attic "looking around." A warrant was taken against her for burglary.

Do you smell that?

A man admitted to the NCSO that he was guilty of hit-and-run, but said it was unintentional. He said he was driving north on Ga. Highway 81, South, when he ran over a skunk. He told officers he was "overtaken by the smell and a few moments later he heard a loud bang." He saw that his outside mirror on the driver's side was broken and believes he crossed the centerline and hit another vehicle.