Newton Citizen Poll for Aug. 26, 2012

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"Mr. Cathy volunteered his opinion so he must accept the response. Me, I don't favor exclusion."

"The Old Man would like to ask a lot of unanswered questions. Why are there so many class action suits against drug companies due to defective drugs? Doesn't the FDA have any power? I realize that they are overburdened but who is pulling the strings? Where do the lawyers get their information? And what is a reality show? I've looked at some of them but I haven't found out what the reality is. I do want to thank the person who told me what a Kardashian is. Thanks. I do believe that reality shows are because they are cheap to produce like game shows. Oh, I know that sometimes they give away millions of dollars but that is over many, many weeks. If you give Mark Harmon $500,000 an episode plus probably a large chunk for repeats, I guess reality shows are very cheap. Don't get me wrong; I do like Mark Harmon and his crew. His crew makes out pretty well too. Why is one- third of the programs I can get reality shows, one-third infomercials and about one-sixth of what I watch? The other one-sixth seems to be taken up with sports. To all you sports fans, go to it. I used to be one until they all became prima donnas. I am sure there are people who watch the tabloids and those I don't watch but why do I have to pay for them? And speaking of paying, if I do find a program I think I would like, it is pay for viewing. I thought I was paying? I haven't figured out how going to digital improved my television. Why did the government make me change? I guess it was the same way I was made me get rid of my 8-track, my 45 rpms and so many other things I liked. I know you think I am a grumpy old man but no, I am happy, I love life, I love my country and I always have wondered why, if a person is caught with a smoking gun, witnesses and one or more dead bodies, why does the court-appointed lawyer run to his/her rescue, and why do the bleeding hearts run to save them from the gas chamber and why if they are on death row do they stay there for years with free meals, free medical and other freebees while the victim's family bury their dead or pay for their recuperation? The Old Man has a lot more unanswered questions, but I have bored you enough so until next time, keep smiling!"

"I recently received my Newton County tax bill for 2012. On it in bold print was a message stating that the reduction in your tax bill this year is the result of property tax relief passed by the governor and the House of Representatives and the Georgia State Senate. Big Deal! I don't know about the rest of you property tax payers, but when I added and subtracted my big savings was an astronomical $15.62. This was because the estimated bill I received was actually $70.56 less than 2011, however, when the additional amount for the school board tax was added, it lessened my savings from last year to $15.62. Well, I guess we can see how this happened. The school board obviously voted themselves a raise. Everyone else is hurting, looking for any type of job they can find and our wonderful school board thinks they deserve a raise. I never had children and have paid the largest portion of my taxes to schools. It would be nice if when we reach senior citizen status, we could get a break. This is the time all senior citizens could use one! Don't worry, I won't spend my big reduction foolishly."

"It sure is nice to see the ditches mowed. It's too bad that we have so many inconsiderate pigs in Newton County that just can't seem to keep from throwing their trash in the road. Or even worse, the ones that lose a bag of garbage and are too lazy to go back and get it. You can't tell me that they didn't realize it. I've seen people at a stop light on 278 throw a bag of fast food trash in the road with a deputy following one car back. I know it might be a problem getting out of the car sometimes, but if there is not going to be a penalty, why worry about it. It would be nice if maybe there could be some coordination between the county roads people and the sheriff's department so maybe the inmates could clean the roadsides that are on schedule to mow. I know that might make too much sense, but it just might work."

"To the inconsiderate pigs, I might not be Georgia-born or part of the Newton County good ol' boy system, but I do take pride in the appearance of our county. But let's face it, the county doesn't have the budget that they should and what they do have much is wasted on keeping friends and relatives happy. Please take care of your trash and dispose of it as you should. To all of the overweight people out there, take a couple of days a week, choose a nice roadside area and take a walk while picking up trash along the way. Watch out for the traffic and the bags of flying garbage. Have a good day."

"I recently went to Newton Medical for an outpatient procedure. The day before I came in to handle as much as possible for preregistration, from the time I walked in until the time I left, I cannot tell you what it meant to have my needs met by such a caring, professional staff. First of all, I was greeted with a big smile from the receptionist and then a warm and caring gentlemen escorted me down to registration. From registration and on down the line to each of the nurses who did my charts and took my blood pressure, I was treated with utmost respect and any and all of my questions were answered to put my mind at ease right on up until I left. The day of my procedure I was met with more friendly nurses and Dr. Greco. I was well taken care of and would recommend Newton Medical to anyone. Thanks staff of Newton Medical. You offered a smile when I needed it most."

"Thanks to Jeff Meadors for his column reporting the results for the testing for the four-county Joint Development Authority. Looks like Newton County came in at the bottom of the heap. Possibly if our administrators were spending less time suing half the county, we would have had a better outcome. Do you really think Baxter International employees would want to put their kids in low performing Newton County schools. What an embarrassment to the many fine teachers we have here."


Covingtonian 3 years, 3 months ago

Newton Medical has stepped up their game quite a bit. I too had occassion to be at the hospital within the last three weeks with a relative and also noticed that the staff is a lot more professional. This hasn't always been the case. The ER staff especially needs a big thank you. While waiting to see my relative I saw some people with young children there who didn't have any consideration for others who were obviously ill or otherwise not feeling well, the staff showed a great deal of restraint and patience.


will 3 years, 3 months ago

Face it people when Baxter comes to town their executives will live out towards Lake Oconee or Oconee county where their is a better standard of living, not as much ghetto housing. Their children will either go to private schools or Oconee county schools because our schools are a joke. Its a shame that this county is so far gone. Hey I just thought of something, Walkers Bend, our redevelopment authority is sprucing that subdivision up so maybe they will want to live there. When they see the joke going on at Alchovy High you know they will stay as far from that district as they can. Its great that Baxter chose this industrial park but we have very little to offer other than tax breaks and freebies.


jjhayden3rd 3 years, 3 months ago

Face it head-on folks. We get the schools we pay for. A first class private school charges from $20,000 to $50,000 per year per student and still has a fund-raising department. Newton County Schools spend almost $8,000 each year per student which is more than the average expendature for the state of Georgia. When you buy cheap goods, you really shouldn't expect top quality. NCSS gives us more than we pay for. If you want to see where the porblem lies, go look in a mirror.


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