Letter: Transition from welfare to workfare

It could cost about $200 billion a year to put every unemployed person in America back to work at the minimum wage. Presumably, they would pump every penny they earned back into the economy. Presumably, that would shut down the complaints about welfare recipients and reported bad habits they have. For instance, the government could send a check of $580 every two weeks to businesses, local governments and school systems for every unemployed person they had on their payrolls those two weeks. (That's the minimum wage times 40 hours per week times two.) This would shut down welfare as we know it and transition to workfare. Why don't we pay to employ everyone?

Would such a policy cut down on crime and imprisonment? Would such a policy decrease substance abuse? Would this practice increase the work ethic? Would it improve everyone's mental and social health? Would people working for the minimum wage be motivated to find a better job? Would this reinforce a work ethic in the population? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Imagine the benefits!

-- Christopher Roesel