Letter: Honor, honesty and integrity lacking in Washington

We Americans have not done well in choosing politicians to send to Washington to serve us in the past few decades. Life was extremely good for a long time, the best the world has ever seen, and we let down our guard, voting for people whose ideas and actions are contrary to the freedoms guaranteed in our founding documents.

We now realize the gravity of our lack of attention, and see the results of many bad choices we have made. The current group of politicians in Washington is an embarrassment to most of the people in the United States. It has become abundantly clear they have misconstrued the purpose of their jobs. Rather than serving us, understanding that our form of government is "... of the people, by the people, and for the people," they have seen it as something for themselves, an opportunity to form an elite club that requires our money to fund whatever they wish to do. An elderly, well-respected friend of mine recently said, "The politicians in Washington have sunk to a new, low level of life never before seen in this country."

My wish is that I could disregard the comment of my friend, but the more I think about it, the more I think he might be right. Where can we find honor, honesty and integrity in Washington? An empty void seems to engulf the Capitol Building and the White House. We look in vain for what we can call "good people," individuals who put the welfare of our entire nation above their own. Revelations of self-service continue to come from the chambers that are supposed to have the best interest of all citizens in mind. At the present time, we face the worst economy we have witnessed since the Great Depression, with the largest number of people on welfare since before the Great Society programs of the 1960s. Most of our problems can be laid at the feet of self-serving politicians who do not understand what a Constitutional republic is all about. The majority of citizens have seen their assets reduced 20 to 50 percent, with the source of this reduction being actions taken by politicians. From the highest office down through many departments, efforts are being made to transform us into a socialist nation, something never intended by our Founders.

We see the politicians battle for supremacy, and point fingers at each other for being bad people, all along disregarding what is best for the country as a whole. Many of their actions are directed toward winning our vote rather than doing what is good for the country. In many ways, they are using us for their benefit, disregarding the Constitution and doing whatever they deem appropriate at any given time, often completely disregarding the job given them to do, which is to make this a better nation for all citizens.

If we do not send to Washington men and women who understand what our nation is all about, the devastation caused by politicians in the last few decades will continue and we will cease to be the last hope of freedom for the entire world. Your vote for freedom is needed in November for the United States to continue being a light for all the world.

-- Roger Bolton