TONY ELDER: Embark on a campaign to vote 'yes' for Jesus

Last weekend, one of the top news stories was the revealing of the Republican presidential candidate's choice for his running mate. The media suggested that this event signaled that the campaign for president was kicking into high gear.

No doubt we'll be hearing quite a bit from these political campaigns over the next couple of months leading up to the November election. Since there are important issues to be decided, hopefully we'll all give serious consideration to those matters and will cast our votes accordingly.

At the church I serve, we're emphasizing a different sort of campaign during this election season. We're campaigning for Jesus. No, Jesus isn't running for office. We can't elect Him King because He already holds that lofty position regardless of what we or anybody else says about it.

He reigns as Lord and Savior, and our measly vote couldn't dethrone Him nor make Him any more King than He already is.

Jesus declared that His Father was the One who had chosen Him for the job. He was anointed by God and sent into the world by Him to fulfill this role. Jesus wasn't the choice of the people -- He was God's choice.

Before the recent primary election, I received several phone calls from well-known individuals endorsing certain candidates for office. They hoped their support of those candidates would cause other people to vote for them.

Jesus had the ultimate endorsement. He was chosen and supported by the Creator of the world, the one and only God. If Jesus was God's choice for the job, who would we be to vote otherwise?

Although we can't vote to elect Jesus, what we can do is vote, "Yes, Lord." We can say "yes" to Jesus and to His will for our lives. We can say, "Yes, I recognize who You are. I believe in You as the Son of God who came to save people from their sins and give them eternal life. I receive You and bow before You as my Lord. I submit to You and to Your will for my life."

That's what we in our church are trying to make sure we're doing. But a campaign isn't just about us affirming our support for a candidate; it involves encouraging others to cast their vote His way too. We are reminding those around us of their need to say "yes" to Jesus as well.

So please pardon me for using my column this week to campaign for my favorite candidate. But I happen to believe that the way we vote in this matter is extremely important.

It's not because Jesus needs your vote, as is the case with our political candidates. It's because you need it. You're the one who will greatly benefit from saying "yes" to Jesus.

Saying "yes" and believing in Him will result in spiritual life now and heaven in the future. It will rid one's life of guilt and replace it with peace. It will provide meaning and purpose.

Saying "yes" and submitting to His will leads to the discovery that God's way truly is best. We come to recognize that He isn't a God who is out to spoil our fun, but rather the loving Father who is trying to help us live in a way that works for our own good.

Will you join us in this campaign? Will you say "yes" to Jesus and whatever it is He wants to do in your life?

The way you vote in November will be important in determining the future of our country. But the choice you make about Jesus will determine the quality of your life both now and forever. So cast your ballot today: vote "Yes, Lord."

The Rev. Tony W. Elder is pastor of Wesley Community Fellowship Church. He can be reached at 770-483-3405 or by email at RevTElder@aol.com.