Texting with police leads to drug arrest

CONYERS -- Texting can lead to problems, especially for drug suspects who unwittingly are texting with law enforcement officers.

Taurus McKee Baker, 31, of 3480 Old Highway 138, was arrested at about 4:30 a.m. Aug. 15 after he allegedly communicated with officers about selling them some Alprazolam or Xanax. According to a report by the Conyers Police Department, Baker apparently thought he was texting to another suspect, who had just been arrested by police.

According to the incident report, the other suspect was arrested after he allegedly fled from police during a traffic stop. During his arrest, the suspect reportedly had to be Tased and his cell phone fell from his pocket.

The phone was retrieved by an officer, and when he looked at the screen this message was scrolling from left to right: "Dis taurus I got sum bars."

Based on experience, the officer understood "bars" to be Alprazolam or Xanax based on the shape of the pills.

Officers responded to the text and during the communication learned that "Taurus" had been "popd" (arrested) two weeks prior on Irwin Bridge Road. Officers determined that "Taurus" was actually Taurus McKee Baker, who had been arrested at the Mobile gas station on Irwin Bridge Road on a charge of sale of marijuana, according to the incident report.

"During the course of the text messaging, Baker agreed to sell us 10 bars of Alprazolam for $40," according to the officer's report. "Baker advised he was on Lakeview Drive and agreed to meet us on College Avenue."

Officers in uniform drove in an unmarked vehicle to Park Circle near the intersection of College Avenue. A detective in an unmarked vehicle was also in the area. When the suspect walked into the area he was arrested without incident, according to the report.

A search of the suspect revealed a cell phone and 10 pills, identified as Alprazolam, wrapped in cigarette plastic.

Baker was charged with possession of a Schedule IV drug with intent to distribute, sale of a Schedule IV controlled substance and use of communication facilities to commit a felony.


will 3 years, 3 months ago

now his text says, " Dis tarus i be behind bars." This is one smart kid I bet he is bustin slack in jail you know what that means ouch. I bet his mama is proud of dat boy of hers, he is a good boy. Throw away the key he is a menace to society.


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