Student enrollment on par with last school year

COVINGTON -- Student enrollment for Newton County schools is still hovering around 19,000 students.

After ending last school year in May with an enrollment of 18,919 students, the new school year is beginning with 18,984 students in the county's 24 facilities, according to an Aug. 10 enrollment report.

The general fund budget for the year was said to support a student enrollment between 17,621 and 19,224 students, based on projections.

This year's enrollment includes 9,308 elementary school students at the county's 13 elementary schools, 4,357 middle school students at its five middle schools and 5,119 high school students at three high schools and the Newton College & Career Academy, as well as 200 other students in special programs.

The elementary school with the highest enrollment is Flint Hill Elementary School with 1,105 students. Other elementary schools have between 440 (Heard-Mixon) and 889 (Live Oak) students enrolled.

Indian Creek Middle School holds the highest middle school enrollment with 1,004 students, with other middle schools between 653 (Veterans Memorial) and 963 (Liberty).

Alcovy High School is the largest high school with 1,907 students, with Newton High School falling just behind with 1,898 students and Eastside with 1,314 students.

The Ombudsman alternative school program is starting off the year with 100 students, including four in seventh-grade, 11 in eighth, 42 in ninth, 25 in 10th, nine in 11th and seven in 12th; no sixth-graders are enrolled in the program.

Challenge Charter Academy also is beginning with 100 students, including six in sixth grade, 13 in seventh, 16 in eighth, 35 in ninth, 14 in 10th, nine in 11th and seven in 12th.

At the end of last year, 200 students were enrolled in Ombudsman and 128 in CCA.

The Newton County Theme School at Ficquett has 840 students enrolled this year, including 103 in kindergarten, 105 in first grade, 108 in second grade, 140 in third grade, 103 in fourth grade, 109 in fifth grade, 100 in sixth grade and 72 in seventh grade.

District-wide, 628 students are enrolled in prekindergarten programs, and 1,017 12th-grade students are in schools.

NCSS reported last school year that 19,209 students were enrolled at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year.