Letter: Scrawls cartoon takes unfair aim

Today's so-called "cartoon" (Aug. 8, 2012) by the phantom who calls himself "Scrawls" is one of the most egregious and disgusting you have ever allowed to come to print in your publication. To use a famous quote by a witness from distant Congressional testimony: "Have you no decency?" It's obvious this Scrawls character has none.

His portrayal of an individual that is wearing an NRA ball cap who has just slaughtered a dozen innocent bystanders under the guise of having stopped a would-be killer is simply contemptible, especially because the shooter is made to look like an idiot, and wearing a "Shoot First" T-shirt.

I challenge the Citizen to come up with one instance where this has ever happened. The fact is that millions of potential criminal acts are prevented every year by law-abiding citizens who are licensed to carry concealed weapons after being thoroughly investigated by state investigators and the FBI. But you never hear about those cases, especially from left-leaning so-called journalists.

Furthermore, "Scrawls" is nothing more than a coward who hides behind a phony name, with no perceivable contact information through which he can be personally challenged. It is certainly and painfully obvious that the senior staff at the Rockdale Citizen won't ever challenge him. And don't tell me that he is entitled to his opinion (under free speech), because when your opinion is a bald-faced lie, it might at least be labeled as such by any responsible news outlet still willing to allow it to go to print. Didn't happen here, did it!

-- Vince Przybyszewski