Carpenter asks for anonymous bloggers to be dismissed from suit

COVINGTON -- Alcovy High School Principal LaQuanda Carpenter has asked for the anonymous web commenters to be dismissed from her civil suit.Her attorney Stephanie Lindsey filed a motion in Newton County Superior Court Thursday afternoon, asking that the eight "John Does," identified by their web IDs on the Newton Citizen website, be dismissed without prejudice from her defamation suit.

The eight are MsLoy, bluedeyeddevil, amp72, newtoncountyparent, watermelonlover, beautifulblueeyes, Satan69 and KBeet.

Defendant Jeff Meadors, vice chair of the Newton County Board of Education, would remain in the suit. He has denied that he has made any defamatory statements about the plaintiff.

Lindsey said Friday that she has "no comment for the Newton Citizen" about why the bloggers were dismissed.

Originally, 11 "John Does" were identified in the suit, and it was later amended to include eight, as well as Meadors. In April, Lindsey subpoenaed the Citizen to supply identifying information about the web commenters, but in July, Newton County Superior Court Judge Eugene Benton granted a motion to stop the subpoena. The judge said the newspaper could be re-subpoenaed in the future if Lindsey cannot identify web posters by other means if the comments proved to be defamatory.

Lindsey held a deposition Thursday morning to Shannon Black, who claimed two of the identities. Lindsey said she was arranging a deposition for Meadors.


dennistay53 3 years, 3 months ago

It is my opinion, after this article, that many of us were right about the real reason for this suit. They want Jeff Meadors off the BOE. They tried to use the bloggers to gather information to do that.Hang in Mr Meadors. Let's see how she does on equal ground, going against another lawyer. She dxoes not have a good history going lawyer to lawyer.


Kodaanddylansmom 3 years, 3 months ago

Do you mean to tell me they are already FIGHTING at Alcovy High School on the first week of school? 


OnToday 3 years, 3 months ago

Meadors and his attorney will tear her apart. I have a feeling he is about to blow the lid off things the Carpenters and others in the school system never dreamed would see the light of day. This is only going to get nastier and the Carpenters and Lindsey have no one to blame but themselves. I will bet a judge will stop it before that point but it would be fun to see Meadors attorney go off on them


Frustrated 3 years, 3 months ago

Just another grand stand play by carpenter and her attorney. Why dismiss everyone except Meadors? LAst I heard she had not identified all the bloggers. Evidently thye dont want some of the information thye have to get out and on legal record.


Covingtonian 3 years, 3 months ago

To Kodaanddylansmom, let me get this straight. So a fight happened the first day or first week of school, so what? Because someone's child decides to go to school and start a fight that makes the principal unfit? Or maybe it's because teachers morale at this school is so low they do not know how to discourage students from fighting? What's your point? Seems to me it may have a lot more to do with the students in the district and their parents. Now if nothing is being done to those causing the fighting or the persons fighting then I support you. Maybe you will be surprised as I was when I found out that such trouble makers cannot just be kicked out of school because of Federal and State rules. The school system is like everything else today, they have to be politically correct and if they want to continue recieving state and or federal monies can't do what many of us feel needs to be done.


Satan69 3 years, 3 months ago

so this bd member is this person and told that person to do this but now they are dismissed so let's make up some defamation or let's pick through an old news column and find something actionable - this woman and her husband are the downfall of matthews and the downfall of why Baxter has chosen Walton & Morgan county schools - the egos in this thing are so out of control that it cost one woman a fair chance at a bench seat and it has costs students the reputation of graduating from a horrible school system with low grad rates there was a fight i heard at alcovy high on thursday and a juvenile complaint on friday - i would not dream of sending my kid to alcovy high school where this goes on while a principal is suiing people, dropping people, adding people - it don't matter what Lindsey does now she has filed a FRIVOLOUS suit and now stand to have punitive damages owed to the court system not to mention the suits against the plaintiff when over.


ShannonBlack 3 years, 3 months ago


Nice theroy you have as a matter of fact quite entertaining at that. First of all let me explain something to you I'm not all these bloggers and if my mind serves me right once I came out as the two bloggers I was I hadn't posted anything except under my name. What I find funny is I told you all who I was I said a while back that I was getting information from many different people. So the story hadn't changed since then. I will tell you this I wasn't about to let an innocent person go down for something I did all on my own board member or no board member.

Here is something you don't know at the court hearing for the paper the judge specifically said that at any deposition myself, mr meadors and the newton citizen could be present so tell me Sherlock why was the Covington news there with all their BS? Hum makes you wonder right ? Well probably not you cause you know everything just like that I'm all these bloggers uh no try again and thank you for playing!!!

Another thing is not everyone knows everything cause there have been things said to people in the law suit you all have no knowledge of . You like everyone have only opinion just like all these others. I'm not denying what I did I never have and I came out and said that exact same thing and if I'm not mistaken I came on open forum in front of god and everyone and told LC that this was not a personal attack on her never was.

I can't speak for all the bloggers I can only speak for me and the things I have done. You can call me what you will it doesn't matter . I am what I am I suppose. Mrs Lindsey did get there copy of all police reports and everything else they needed so it doesn't matter to me what others think.

So take care and happy blogging.


Satan69 3 years, 3 months ago

why have we not heard back from the Attorney General on this mess with Eddie Johnson started with his illegal meeting?  and why has the Citizen not done a story on the Dennis Carpenter emails?


gsm7476 3 years, 3 months ago

Grow up and drop the suit against Meadors. And go back to work


Funbags78 3 years, 3 months ago

Amen to that gsm. Amen this needs to be over and move on no one is suffering really but the kids. Let's just move on.


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