Snapping Shoals EMC accepting applications for neighbors in need

COVINGTON -- Snapping Shoals EMC's Operation Round Up program offers a way for members to help neighbors in need for what generally amounts to small change whatever it takes to round up their power bill to the next dollar. Contributions range from a penny to 99 cents per month, an average of just $6 a year.

"But when all that change is added together, it's truly amazing how much good it can do," said Leigh Ann Burgess, SSEMC public affairs director.

Participating Snapping Shoals EMC members' bills are simply rounded up to the next full dollar each month. For example, a bill for $87.80 would be rounded up to $88 and that 20 cents would be donated to Operation Roundup. Participants donate an average of $6 a year to the program.

The money raised is used to directly support social, charitable and civic organizations in the community, as well as individuals in need of assistance.

Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters collectively can add up to be used to support local emergency service providers, nurture a healthy lifestyle for the elderly, provide safe facilities for children, and help a less fortunate family pay for medical expenses.

All Operation Round Up requests are placed with the Snapping Shoals Electric Trust board of directors, an independent organization administered by a separate board of directors made up of community leaders who serve on a voluntary basis. The board, which meets every other month, evaluates all requests and works hard to make decisions about how the funds should be disbursed.

Snapping Shoals is currently accepting applications for assistance through Operation Round Up. Visit www.ssemc.com or call 770-385-2737 for an application.

Operation Round Up funds are also used to help students with true financial need continue their education. A total of $25,000 in Round Up funds is set aside each year for education assistance.