Fired Heritage teacher reported to PSC, DFACS

CONYERS -- Rockdale County Public Schools has reported former Heritage High School art teacher Leslie Howard Mosley Jr. to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and information about his relationship with a student to the Department of Family and Children Services.

RCPS requested his termination instead of accepting his resignation at the end of March due to insubordination, immoral and unprofessional conduct, willful neglect of duties, ineffectiveness as a teacher and other good and sufficient cause, according to documents obtained by the Citizen through an Open Records Request this week.

According to RCPS Superintendent Samuel King in a notice letter to Mosley, witnesses proved that he gave special attention to a student and treated her differently from other students last school year, and his actions escalated this school year by interacting with her outside of the classroom, which school officials were not made aware of until late last month.

After initially denying his involvement to school administrators upon confrontation last month, Mosley has admitted to a friendship to administrators and a sexual relationship to law enforcement officers with the student.

On March 28, after learning of Mosley's actions from other students, HHS Principal Greg Fowler confronted him, according to the ORR.

In a written statement on that date, Mosley wrote, "Very unnerving. I hope this gets resolved quickly but carefully. ... I have not had an innappropriate (sic) relationship with this or any student. Nor will I ever."

However, the next morning after he submitted his resignation, Mosley wrote another statement admitting to a relationship with the student.

"I have created a friendship that I believe so special and awesome with one of my students," he wrote. "I feel we had a spiritual collision early on and reckognized (sic) each other as spiritual friends or family.

"We have conversed a lot and learned much about each other. Our friendship essentially 'claimed' us both," he added.

He said her family knows about the friendship, and he is trying "to help her find happiness and success."

Although several students and their parents were interviewed as part of the RCPS internal investigation, it was not clear if the victim or her parents admitted to the incident or knowledge of the incident since most of that evidence and their statements were omitted from the ORR.

Mosley said in his statement that he "cannot help it" if he was biased toward or favored her as a student.

"She is an important milestone in my life and one of my favorite people on the planet," he wrote. "This is a gigantic learning experience."

As directed by King on March 29, Fowler reported the case to DFACS. On March 31, RCPS filed a complaint with the Georgia PSC for a breach of ethics for educators, according to records.

Evidence showed that Mosley wrote the student notes, songs and electronic messages on Facebook and her cell phone from a time period when she was 15 to her current age of 17. Mosley admitted to a sexual relationship with her after she was 16 years old, which is the age of consent in Georgia; however, law enforcement determined after an investigation that they had a relationship when she was as young as 15.

Mosley provided to school officials CDs of cover songs and original songs he wrote her called "Asleep," "Touch," "In the Wild" and 13 others.

He also provided a note he wrote to her in February 2011 after she had a bad day. "There is no way on Earth I'll give up on you ... ever. ... I recognized, next, your beauty as a person. ... Meeting you was my 'You know' moment. ... Since you, I dream of a future that belongs to us all," he wrote.

He also told her how he decided to become a vegetarian again because she was and how the games they play are "important," according to the note. They also created art and music together, he said.

The Rockdale County Board of Education upheld Mosley's termination during a fair dismissal act hearing Tuesday, presided by RCPS general counsel Jack Lance, who was prohibited by the law and legal ethics from representing the superintendent or the school board during the hearing. Attorney Will White represented King at the hearing.

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office arrested Mosley last week and charged him with aggravated child molestation; he originally was arrested March 30 and charged with sexual assault by a teacher engaged in sexual contact with another and later bonded out of jail. As of press time, Mosley remained in the Rockdale County Jail.


amp72 3 years, 7 months ago

He's about to have his own "spiritual collision" in the detention center.


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