Letter: Vaughn was a can-do man

The article about Clarence and Doris Vaughn in the April 11 Citizen reminds me of an incident in his life so typical of Clarence. I was a member of the staff of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia in 1960-69. One of my early assignments was to work with the Georgia Highway Department to place exit signs on the interstate highway exits that lead to our University System colleges and universities as Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina already had such signs in their states.

For about one and a half years I visited with our highway department to get exit signs for colleges and universities and was consistently told that Georgia's contract with the Interstate Highway Department would not permit such signs. Shortly Clarence Vaughn was made chairman of the Highway Committee of the state House of Representatives. On a Monday morning I went to Clarence and told him what we were interested in doing. He told me he would look into it.

On Friday of that week Clarence called me and asked me to list the signs and locations where we wanted signs. I worked with a Georgia map over the weekend listing the signs and locations desired. Within one month, college and university exit signs began appearing on Georgia's interstate highways. They are still there.

This was so typical of Clarence. He always did what needed to be done.

Harry S. Downs