Lincoln Nunnally seeks 4th Congressional District seat

Lincoln Nunnally

Lincoln Nunnally

CONYERS -- Rockdale County resident Lincoln Nunnally said his decision to enter politics for the first time was based partly on a desire to ensure a better future for his son. Nunnally is challenging Congressman Hank Johnson for the 4th Congressional District seat.

Nunnally, 32, said he observed what was going on in Congress and decided he could help improve the process.

"I'm a problem-solver," he said, "and Congress has lots of problems right now."

An inability to communicate and connect with the average voter are two of the issues facing Congress, Nunnally said.

"I've never been political," he said. "I've never really been interested until the last year when I started listening to talk radio -- 95.5 and NPR -- and trying to listen to both sides of the political story. Like I say, there is a big need there; no one can communicate. People can't get past the party lines."

Nunnally said he will run as a Democrat, though he's always been independently-minded.

"Both parties have good and bad," he said. "I think I can do the most good with the Democratic Party."

In both of his announced Democratic opponents -- incumbent Johnson and Rockdale resident Courtney Dillard -- Nunnally said he sees the same inability to understand the needs of the average person.

"Both of them are nice guys," Nunnally said. "But Hank's history is in politics and government. Before he was originally elected in 2007 he was a judge. He's been in politics so long I think he's lost touch with what everyday people go through.

"Courtney is a nice guy, husband to a doctor ... again, I don't think he connects with the average person.

"I can relate to what average people are going through," Nunnally added. "I think the problems with government and Congress are the politicians who have lost connection with the reality of what common people go through. They may have read a survey or a poll of what people are going through, but they don't truly understand."

Nunnally works as a consultant with Consolidated Copiers, a family-owned business based in Conyers. He was educated in Rockdale County public schools and graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with bachelor of science degree in psychology. He attended college on a tennis scholarship. His parents, Pat and Michelle Nunnally, are Rockdale residents. He and his girlfriend Rebekah Barrett are parents of a 14-month-old son. More information is available at www.Lincoln-Nunnally.com or Nunnally's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Lincoln4Congress.