Covington Rotary honors Newton's top seniors

Alcovy High School's Top 10 include Max Alas,Amanda Barrentine, MaryRuth Davis, Meredith Hewitt (not pictured), Robert Hight, Kayla Lashley, Elizabeth "Hunter" Lewis, Kate Palo, Whitley Stephens and Brendan Thies. - Special Photos

Alcovy High School's Top 10 include Max Alas,Amanda Barrentine, MaryRuth Davis, Meredith Hewitt (not pictured), Robert Hight, Kayla Lashley, Elizabeth "Hunter" Lewis, Kate Palo, Whitley Stephens and Brendan Thies. - Special Photos


The Top 10 students at Newton High School are Darren Anglin, Ian Bachiller, Elizabeth "Liz" Barrick, Kayla Eason,Jasmine Johnson, Kiara Lee, Stephanie Lightsey, Anais Macias,Emily Richardson and Kelsey Upton.


Eastide High School's Top 10 students are Carli Barbo, Sarah Bolen, Maya Collins, William Daniel II, Johnny "Ryan" Farrow, Robin Greer, Seth Kimbrell, Courtney Reid, David VanLeuven and Brittany Worton.

COVINGTON -- Thirty of Newton County's top high school seniors were recognized for their accomplishments at the Covington Rotary Top Ten reception Monday night.

Ten students from each high school and a teacher of their choosing were honored with plaques during the 47th annual ceremony, which was held in the auditorium at Alcovy High School.

Newton County Superintendent of Schools Gary Mathews addressed the students, parents and Rotarians and praised the accomplishments of the top seniors.

"I can't think of a group of students who are more deserving tonight," he said.

Mathews said the Top Ten reception recognizes "simply the best of the best" and acknowledged the support that the top achievers have received along the way from parents, teachers and administrators.

Mathews also praised the students for their initiative to be successful.

"Each of our students somewhere along the way had to decide that they wanted to excel," he said. "They worked harder; they worked smarter."

Mathews closed with this reminder for students, quoting Sir Winston Churchill: "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."

Students and teachers honored from Alcovy High School are:

-- Max Alas, son of Laura and Max Alas; favorite teacher, Jennifer Camba;

-- Amanda Barrentine, daughter of Gary and Jan Barrentine; favorite teacher, Charles Gammel;

-- MaryRuth Davis, daughter of Troy and Julie Davis and Mary and Robbie Floyd; favorite teacher, Troy Davis;

-- Meredith Hewitt (unable to attend), daughter of Katia Fry; favorite teacher, Bill Gibbons;

-- Robert Hight, son of Lisa Perdomo and Robert Hight; favorite teacher, Kelly Musgrove;

-- Kayla Lashley, daughter of Traci and Craig Lashley; favorite teacher, Angela Cooper;

-- Elizabeth "Hunter" Lewis, daughter of Leanne and Roy Lewis; favorite teacher, Jennifer Camba;

-- Kate Palo, daughter of Arnold Palo; favorite teacher, Dolores Williams;

-- Whitley Stephens, daughter of Dinicia and Delarn Stephens; favorite teacher, Kelly Musgrove;

-- Brendan Thies, son of Kelli DeMarce; favorite teacher, Douglas Blackwell;

The top 10 students and their teachers from Eastside High School are:

-- Carli Barbo, daughter of Danielle and Michael Barbo; favorite teacher, Bart Buff;

-- Sarah Bolen, daughter of Mary and Tim Bolen; favorite teacher, Eric Adams;

-- Maya Collins, daughter of Mignon Temple; favorite teacher, Trina Nickson;

-- William Daniel II, son of Tina Daniel-Reasey and Mark Reasey; favorite teacher, Tina Daniel-Reasey;

-- Johnny "Ryan" Farrow, son of Connie Skelton and Johnny Farrow; favorite teacher, Brandon Bishop;

-- Robin Greer, daughter of Deana and Eddie Greer; favorite teacher, Michael Poor;

-- Seth Kimbrell, son of Adrianne and James Kimbrell; favorite teacher, Eric Adams;

-- Courtney Reid, daughter of Gloria and Joe Reid; favorite teacher, Louise Harwell;

-- David VanLeuven, son of Joanne and Dave VanLeuven; favorite teacher, Michael Poor;

-- Brittany Worton, daughter of Melissa and Chris Worton; favorite teacher, Eric Adams;The top 10 students and their teachers from Newton High School are:

-- Darren Anglin, son of Angela and John Taylor; favorite teacher, Shannon Buff;

-- Ian Bachiller, son of Arnel and Gemma Bachiller; favorite teacher, Aaron Robinson;

-- Elizabeth "Liz" Barrick, daughter of Tina Barrick; favorite teacher, Karina Grewe;

-- Kayla Eason, daughter of Shirley and Matthew Eason; favorite teacher, Melissa Snyder;

-- Jasmine Johnson, daughter of Kelly and Wendell Johnson; favorite teacher, Nilesh Patel;

-- Kiara Lee, daughter of Natalie Lee; favorite teacher, Vicki Jones;

-- Stephanie Lightsey, daughter of Renee and Jim Lightsey; favorite teacher, Alan Richardson;

-- Anais Macias, daughter of Piedad and Ramon Macias; favorite teacher, Laurin Johnson;

-- Emily Richardson, daughter of Tamara and Greg Richardson; favorite teacher, Sonya Miller;

-- Kelsey Upton, daughter of Melissa and Randy Upton; favorite teacher, James Sirman.