Jack Simpson: America can't afford to bargain away our defense

Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson

Cartoonist Kevin Siers of The Charlotte Observer has given voters food for thought in his recent cartoon showing President Obama with his foot in his mouth telling Dmitry Medvede on March 26, "This is my last election. After my election, I will have more flexibility."

Startling remark, isn't it? The president of the United States willing to make more concessions to Russia on arms control after re-election! Is this really a time to lessen America's missile defenses with Iran and North Korea expanding their nuclear programs?

Already in 2009, our president canceled a plan to post missiles in the land of the Czechs and Poles who had agreed to their placement there. The president did this because of Russian disapproval.

Question: Isn't it Russia who is helping Iran with its nuclear program? Isn't it Russia that encourages weakened sanctions against Iran? Isn't the United States seeking stronger sanctions to deter Iran's nuclear development?

Medvedev must have been pleased with President Obama's promise. The Russian leader promised to pass on the news to Vladimir Putin.

We can only wonder what our European allies and Israel thought about this open mic remark. Does the United States intend to leave our allies defenseless?

President Bush once gazed into the eyes of Vladimir Putin and claimed to get a sense of his soul. Putin is the man who ruthlessly controlled Russia and possibly rigged his recent re-election. It was Putin who longed dreamed of being a KGB Agent, and it was he who became one and collected intelligence on U.S. military bases in West Germany.

Putin is the leader who turned back Democratic reform to rule Russia in an authoritarian manner. Putin got his training on Russian streets and in the KGB. "Once a spy, always a spy" goes the old saying.

Maybe President Obama would be wise to renew his stand on disarmament concessions. Maybe America can ill afford to bargain away missile defenses in today's dangerous world. We should be proud and supportive of our military dominance. National security may well depend on continuing a strong America.

The president seems more interested in social welfare than national security, and he is reducing our global presence.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.