Rockdale bests Newton in all-star game 118-107

COVINGTON -- Rockdale played with a lot of heart even though they were severely short handed as they won the Newton-Rockdale Senior All-Star game 118-107 on Wednesday at Alcovy.

Newton's team had 11 players on their side and they used those players to their advantage subbing in fresh players as often as the players on the court were starting to feel a little winded. That was a luxury the Rockdale team could not afford as they only had six players with them.

Despite being outmanned, one thing that was apparent; Rockdale was fighting through it even though the game was just being played for fun.

"They were just having fun," said Rockdale head coach Alvin Williams. "I like the Newton-Rockdale thing because all these guys know each other. They had fun, you could see the smiles on both sides. It was a lot of fun."

Rockdale came out strong taking a 7-0 lead. But Newton was able to chip away at that lead eventually taking the lead with 13 minutes left in the first half. The Newton team took a double-digit lead but Rockdale's shooters starting getting hot tying the game at 53 with 1:57 left in the first half. But Newton was able to regain the 60-57 lead to end the half.

Newton continued to maintain a slight edge until the middle part of the second half when Rockdale charged back to take a 90-87 lead. A lead they never relinquished.

Rockdale was the first team to reach the 100-point mark when Shaquille Fisher sank a field goal with 4:53 left in the game to make it 100-93.

Newton hit the century mark on a three-point play by Ben Miller to make it 106-100 with 3:06 remaining.

Hitting six 3-pointers, Rockdale's David Jelks led all scorers with 27 points to win the game's MVP.

"It feels good. This was my second one (MVP), but it was my first one in a long time," said Jelks. "We had fun and I enjoyed it, being with my teammates working together. I played and even though I didn't score too much, I still had a good game."

One point back was Rockdale's Charles Moore and Newton's Stephen Croone. Also scoring 20-plus points were Rockdale's Travis Wildgoose (23) and Newton's Justin Thompson.

Before the game started, contestants participated in the dunk and 3-point contest. Alcovy's Kate Palo won the 3-point contest for the girls with Moore winning for the boys side.

Showing his athletic ability, Wildgoose won the dunk contest. In the finals, Wildgoose showed off his talents with a monster windmill dunk before doing two flips and grabbing the ball in the air off a pass for the dunk.