Philip Bradford will run for sheriff of Newton County

COVINGTON -- Covington Police Department Capt. Philip Bradford has announced his intention to seek the office of sheriff of Newton County in the November election.

Bradford will run as a Republican against Democrat Ezell Brown, who has served as sheriff since 2008. Presently they are the only two candidates who have announced their intention to run for the office.

Bradford has more than 26 years of experience in law enforcement, all with the CPD.

"I've done about everything there is to do in every division from detective in the early '90s to being assigned to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Task Force in 1995 for three years," Bradford said. "I started the VIPER Unit in 1998, and was commander for both East Metro Drug Enforcement and the Special Investigations Unit. Now I'm captain of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Covington PD."

Bradford said his decision to run for sheriff was made because he is committed to the well-being of the citizens of Newton County.

"I grew up in this county and my daddy was a deputy sheriff. I have served the citizens of this county for over half of my life and I'm committed to continue that same service," he said.

Both Bradford's parents -- Herman and Maggie Bradford -- were dedicated employees of Newton County. In addition to working with the Sheriff's Office, Bradford's father was also an investigator for the Newton County District Attorney's Office. His mother worked as a secretary for Superior Court Judges Greely Ellis and John Ott.

"So it's not only myself, but our whole family has dedicated our lives to serving this community and have a passion and commitment to the citizens of this county," Bradford said.

He said he will shortly release a statement concerning his platform and will be making personal appearances and meeting and shaking hands with citizens between now and election time.

Bradford, 44, is married to Dalleen and the couple has three children.


henrystamm 2 years ago

I would not vote for anyone that works for the Covington Police Dept. Our present Sheriff is just fine and cares for the people and does not condone and protects crooked cops.


John 2 years ago

I will second your support for Sheriff Ezell Brown he has done a fine job and has to deal with significant budget cuts.


marcusb 2 years ago

This is great news!!!! Capt. Bradford is well known in the community for being the one to call if you have a problem within your neighborhood that needs to be addressed. I have seen first hand that he will see that its addressed quickly and put to a stop. He has always presented himself professional in caring for the need of our community. He is constantly in the paper for terminating drug houses and dealers and other crimes and has proven that he knows how to enforce the law to the fullest. It will be great to have a leader of this caliber as our Sheriff with the number of violent crimes that we have seen within Newton County over the last five years. I look forward to Philip Bradford becoming our Sheriff and watching the crime rates decrease. You have my vote! God bless!


MeanMrMustard 2 years ago

Personally, I believe it's going to take somebody from the outside to get the job done. Too many favorites, too many good ole boys, etc... There are four law enforcement agencies in Newton County and NONE of them get along on the whole. Yes, there are different members of different agencies that are friends and aquaintances, but for the large part there is too much jealousy, competition, hatred for no reason, condescending attitudes (blame management) and other political factors that prevent a collaborative, group effort in fighting crime in the county. Sheriff Brown can't fix it, Phillip Bradford can't fix it, Stacey Cotton can't fix it. You need a NEW Sheriff that will clean house and start over.


LE4LIFE 2 years ago

OK Just one thought, I wonder why someone who has never had any ambition to work for the Sheriff' Office would even begin to convince me that he has the know how to run a sheriff's office. As far as cleaning house, have you ever took advantage of the ride along program and come see first hand what we do? Bet it would change your mind. We are humans performing super human task at times and folks like this want us gone or at the least think they could do it better. I say come on and see what you so convienently hide from, we need your support. Thanks to Newton County Sheriff's Office for all each of you do.


Concerned2189 2 years ago

LE4LIFE, just because someone has not worked for a Sheriff's Department before does not mean they dont have the qualifications to become Sheriff. Obviously you have never worked with Capt. Bradford before. I was assigned to E.M.D.E.T. when he was the commander and I can tell you what qualifies him to be the Sheriff of Newton County.......he is a proven leader!!! He is without doubt the most experienced, knowledgeable, educated man for the job!!!!! Newton County would be over run with drug dealers if it were not for Capt. Bradford. If you want you department to remain as old fashion as it is now then maybe he is not the guy for you.........but if you finally want that department to be brought into the 21st century, he is the perfect man for the job!!!!!! Capt. Bradford has my vote!!!!!


guesswho83 2 years ago

A new sheriff cannot fix anything that they are unaware of, so that won't resolve any current issues. The duties of the police department and sheriff department are totally different from one another. Even though they both have the same aspects and goals of fighting crime, but the operations are handled totally different. It also seems like the police department is against the sheriff department, but it seems that way in a lot of other county’s as well. I will say the current sheriff has worked hard during his term and I am very proud of him. You may not agree with his choices or the decisions he has to make, but I am proud to say he is my Sheriff. He has been up against many challenges and obstacles during his term, which I feel were unfair. Like reducing the budget for his department, which was very radical. We may not all agree with one another, but the main focus is to keep Newton County safe and he has done that. This is politics and this is the nature of the business to go against each other and throw blows, but it's about working together and improving the county as a whole. I will continue to support the current sheriff, because he has earned it and worked hard for it.


sweetpotato 2 years ago

I wish Bradford well, its so important that we have quality candidates to choose from and his resume certainly seems to show that he should have the experience and management skills to run the Sheriffs Office. While I dont know him personally I know who he is when I see him and we have mutual friends. I have noticed that the City of Covington Police Dept officers all appear to be in good physical condition, I cant say that for the Sheriffs Office, unfortunately it appears they have no physical fitness standards. The City of Covington Police Dept. is an internationally accredited agency and has been for many years, they were the first in Ga. I believe. I am not sure if the Sheriffs Office has reached that status, but I dont think so. I never see issues in the local media about the City Police Dept. overspending, I cant say that for the Sheriffs Office. There is no logic to the post that Bradford has no experience in a Sheriffs Department and thus he is not qualified. What I think the Sheriffs Dept. may need is some modern professional management and Bradford certainly seems to be coming from an environment where that is present. Before I vote I look forward to a forum where both men can speak but at this point I am leaning toward Bradford, I do not feel that somebody earns a right to hold an office or a supervisor position just because they have worked some where a long time. In local government tenure does not always prove capability because often the voters are uneducated on the issues. They will take the attitude "oh well if it aint broke dont fix it........it may be broke and you dont realize it" One of the things that business looks at when considering expanding into an area is crime statistics, if Newton County is not careful we can end up like some counties that I will not name here but that nobody wants to even drive thru much less locate a business in. Educate yourself on the candidates and the issues before you vote.


Billy 2 years ago

I got a ticket from the State Patrol a couple of years ago, (not on the freeway. but instead, patroling city streets of Covington???), because a person in front of me jammed on their brakes for no apparent reason and I went around them through a "gore" area. The fine was almost $200. The 5 foot tall officer, a complete and utter jackass, didn't listen to the above, It was all about being 10 foot tall for the 30 minutes it took this petty-minded person to write me a ticket, so he could be somebody for moment in time. (He later got into an argument with me at Home Depot because I asked him to move his truck so that I could load my car with 50lb bags of soil. If he's not under a shrink's care, he ought to be...) If you clean house, this is where you should start. "To protect and serve" is not what all police do, and the ones who don't should be forced out of law enforcement and made to work in a warehouse or on an ice cream truck--anywhere except where they are now. If it takes a outsider to do a better job, I'm all for it. If the challenger is not worthy, keep Ezell in there. Whoever wins the office in November, they should serve the community and go after REAL CRIMINALS, not shake down otherwise law abiding citizens just because they violate the law in a harmless way. Motorcycles pass me on the freeway at 90 MPH; the cops ought to be all over these worthless people who are truly threatening other's lives, not some hard working person going back in forth to an honest job, just because they did 38 in a 35. Why did they rob the bank? Because that's where the money was. This is law enforcement's philosophy: the middle class will pay their fines, so let's put our hands in their pockets... Come on, people; let's do the right thing, not be the IRS in a squad car...


supportpublicsafety 1 year, 12 months ago

Wow Billy you REALLY have no clue. The Georgia State Patrol is just that, and is ran by the Governor. So If you have problems with them for giving you an at fault ticket than call him. The officers and deputies work day and night to keep you and your family safe and if you violate the law you will pay the price. It just seems to me you are mad because you received a good driving award from the State Patrol. Wake up buddy!


Watchdog2 1 year, 12 months ago

Phillip Bradford is not a good choice. He is supported by the far right in this county. He is not someone we want directing our sheriff's office. I agree with MeanMrMustard about bringing in an outsider. Just like the BOC, the sheriff's office can use a cleaning as well.


marcusb 1 year, 12 months ago

Good points sweetpotato. There is definately a HUGE difference between the Police Department and Sheriff's office coming from me as a citizen just from daily observations. They seem to be alot more advanced and up to date on everything. I don't know if their standards are different or what. A few months ago my fiance and I were at the QT and saw a deputy pull up in a marked patrol car during they day time and we watched as he had to use the top of the door and the roof of the car to pry himself out out of the car. Please don't take this the wrong way but he was not in any sort of physical ability to help a citizen that was in need of immediate help, protect himself in the course of a physical altercation or another law enforcement officer that needed physical help. I'm thankful that you are willing to do the job and appreciate all of you. We noticed while inside the store that the deputy was inside fixing him a fountain drink as were we. He was literally breathing heavily from walking inside. I looked over and he was wearing Sergeant stripes which would tell me he was some sort of supervisior. The SHERIFF is the one responsible for seeing that his employees are fit for the job and capable of protecting theirself and the citizens of Newton County. It's important for officers to be able to perform physically demanding task and be able ot be mobile to protect us. And by the way guesswho83 I have seen several articles within the newspaper where Mr. Brown has not done such a great job abiding by the budget thats in place. However I have seen some new cars driving down the roads lately and the Sheriff driving a very nice black Chevrolet Tahoe. Humm I wonder how often the employess get a raise over there. It's time for a change! Someone from the outside needs to take that office and get it brought to the 21st century. I think based on Capt. Bradfords experience and knowledge that he is the man for the job. I know that he will clean up the streets of Newton County. He was difinately doing it when he was over the drug unit. Maybe thats why we only see articles about SIU once overy few months now.


MeanMrMustard 1 year, 12 months ago

Sir, I certainly hope you are NOT a law enforcement officer as guesswho83 suggests. Your written communication skills are in the sewer. "Theirself" is not a word! "and get it brought to the 21st century.", this is straight out of Hee Haw?! Besides, if Mr. Bradford was doing such a fantastic job when he was on the drug squad, why was he told to pick up his toothbrush and get back to CPD?


inthemiddle 1 year, 8 months ago

I think it was because he was promoted from Lt. to Capt.


guesswho83 1 year, 12 months ago

Marcusb either you work for the sheriff department or you have nothing else to do, but worry about what the Sheriff is driving. Like who does that…. Secondly what article are you referring to about him not abiding by the budget that has been given to him? Thirdly please conduct a spell check the next time you make another post trying to downplay someone, because “Difinately” is not spelled correctly sir. It’s definitely! I am signing off with May the “Best Man” win.


dennistay53 1 year, 12 months ago

I have only voted for two Democrats in my life. Sheriff Brown is one and after these 3+ years i am glad i did. This is one of the few Sheriffs in this state that that you don't see any moral or major complaints against. Sure some or many may not be satisfied with all aspects of the Sheriffs Office. What has to be remembered is tha Newton County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state in population, which brings on increased crime. Add to this the tough economy and lack of tax dollars to support law enforcement during this time and you have a very tough job in running a Sheriff's department. I don't believe this is a job that needs to go to someone inexperienced at this time. You know- you don't hear a lot about Sheriff Brown and i think that is a good thing, because most of the time when you hear about a politician it is something bad.


LE4LIFE 1 year, 12 months ago

Whoa!! Cornered before you go off talking about matters you obviously know nothing about maybe you ought to check on some of that experience you so bodly speak of. As you should know the Sheriff, past and present, gave your guy the authority to operate outside the city limits. As you should know also that he was directed by his Chief and the Sheriff while in that assignment. You forget that he was not the first commander of that unit and he has since moved on. Yes we live in a free country that allows anyone with minimum qualifications to seek a public office but when someone wants to hold the highest law enforcement seat in the county for me it is that person who has commanded the ship or atleast helped row the boat for awhile. Now as for the new cars we paid for. I as a tax payer believe that our deputies need and should have the best equipment available, yes I am sure a raise would be welcome but do you want them driving dangerous vehicles? Accreditation? Maybe you should check and see what has been taking place since this Sheriff has been in office. I agree check on your guy cause I know my choice and he is already there.


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