Oxford College gets record applicants

OXFORD -- Oxford College has accepted more than 2,500 students from its record number of applicants this year.

The college announced last week that it has accepted 2,547 students to its 2012 entering class.

They came from a pool of 6,478 students, which is the largest number of total applications in Oxford's history and up 50 percent over 2011 applications, according to the college. About 90 percent were dual applications with Emory College.

In 2006, more than 1,000 students applied to the college, and nearly 4,000 applied in 2009, according to Oxford Dean Stephen Bowen.

Of those admitted this year, 60 percent are female, the college reports. About 16 percent are international students, 44 percent are from the Southeast and the remainder come from all areas of the country.

Oxford also conducted its first-ever early-decision process by notifying accepted students in December and January, and numerous deposits have already been received from those admitted by early decision, according to the college. Students have until May 1 to make deposits and finalize their enrollment decisions.

This school year, Oxford welcomed about 450 students after those accepted enrolled. Next school year, the college anticipates a 2012 entering class of about 480 students.

Total enrollment at Oxford College is 930 students first- and second-year students this year, up from 600 students in 1998. Bowen said enrollment will stabilize around 900 students for now.

To support a larger enrollment, the college is pursing more capital projects and increasing its fund-raising campaign, Bowen said last week. Upcoming projects include a new science building, a library addition and several building renovations over the next several years.

Students attend Oxford College for two years before transferring to the Atlanta campus of Emory.