Letter: People need to open minds to comprehend what's happening to nation

In 1940, when people were trying to absorb the gravity of what was happening in Germany's advance into France and other European nations, Churchill used the example of a 3-inch pipe under a culvert to describe the capacity of a man's mind to understand things. He said, "When a flood comes, the water flows over the culvert whilst the pipe goes on handling its 3 inches. Similarly, the human brain will register emotions up to its '3-inch limit' and subsequent additional emotions flow past unregistered." A disaster was taking place, and few people could absorb the full extent of this.

It seems we are now in a somewhat similar situation in regard to people in the United States absorbing the gravity of our political situation. Politically we are in a growing disaster as misguided people are attempting to replace our Constitutional Republic with socialism/communism, and many people are stuck with a 3-inch pipe when what they need is a 12-inch pipe. They are seeing only a small percent of what is going on in Washington, and this is keeping the disaster we are headed toward hidden from them. Unless they can replace that 3-inch pipe with something bigger, the disaster will overtake our entire country before we know it.

Unfortunately, many of our citizens have allowed themselves to be mesmerized by those who wish them to be limited in their ability to understand what is happening to them and our country. They have been taught to think (their 3-inch pipe) only in terms of what they can receive from government, and they are blind to the reality that a flood is engulfing our country.

Unless people can get rid of that 3-inch pipe and get something bigger, they will return to Washington those who are ratcheting up the disaster now upon us. Failure to increase our understanding will bring the demise of the greatest nation this world has ever known.

Roger Bolton