Letter: Mosely a good teacher — and innocent until proven guilty

I no longer live in Conyers, thank God, but for your article on Mr. Mosley at Heritage High School, I must express my opinion.

Mr. Mosley taught my son for three years in art classes. He was a great influence on my son and a great teacher, since my son could not draw a straight line until he took his advanced class as a freshman because the school could not find another elective for him. The best thing that ever happened was he told my son, "It is OK, you will make it," and he did.

As far as the accusations, they are just that. In the justice system today we are found guilty until proven innocent. How long do we put up with this? I do not know Mr. Mosley personally, but I do know he was a good teacher and a good person to my son. Do not judge anyone until you stand in their shoes. I pray the community will come out to support him and his family.

-- Lisa Daniel