Dog bites Newton County deputy, seriously injures his hand

COVINGTON -- A Newton County deputy was seriously injured during the early morning hours Sunday while answering a call involving an aggressive dog, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Sgt. Tommy Thomason responded to 300 Hazelhurst Drive where the complainants living at that address said there was a dog there that would not let them out of their house, according to an NCSO incident report.

"Sgt. Thomason arrived and attempted to get the dog away from the house. He was able to get the dog away from the front door. Sgt. Thomason was attempting to get the dog into the front yard with verbal commands when the dog became aggressive and charged him," the report states.

As the dog jumped toward Thomason, he attempted to hit it and "the dog bit his hand and clamped down," the report states. "Sgt. Thomason was able to get his hand out of the dog's mouth (but) when he did, it ripped the top of his hand open."

The dog tried to charge Thomason again, but the deputy was able to draw his weapon and shoot the dog in the head, ending the threat.

Because of the damage to Thomason's hand, which included puncture wounds and exposed tendons, he was transported by EMS to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta where he received 11 stitches to close the wound.

Animal Control responded to the scene and the owner of the dog was located at 200 Hazelhurst Drive. According to Newton County Animal Control Director Terry Key-Hooson, the owner of the dog was cited for allowing the dog to run at large resulting in a dog bite and no proof of rabies inoculation.

She said the dog was "a bully-breed," saying he had a "massive head" and appeared to be a mix involving a pit bull and perhaps a mastiff or other large breed.

The deputy is recovering from his wounds.


LtMike 3 years, 11 months ago

Last piece of fresh meat that dog will ever taste. Sorry to hear about you getting wounded, Tommy Lee. Good job stopping the threat.


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