JULIE WELLS: Let the Lord guide your steps through change

Today is the official first day of fall. It is a new season, time for things to change. Speaking of change -- who doesn't love to see the leaves change from colors of green to amber and gold?

I've always said winter was my favorite season and it still is, mainly because of Christmas. But I have to say, the fall season is quickly becoming a top favorite season as well.

I heard my boss say the other day the only thing constant is change.

We humans, most of us anyway, don't like change. We like to find our way of doings things and always do them that way. When someone or something tries to get in our way, we don't like it one bit.

Now, don't be mistaken, the big change in the lives of myself and my husband Kevin, the news of our first born being on the way, is a change we are looking forward to.

But when we have those changes in our lives that make us redo things or evaluate the way and the why we've done certain things for so long, we tend to resist that a little.

However, to be effective in this all too fast-paced world, we need to step up to the plate a little more. We need to be ready to answer the calling of the Lord to "go" and "do" what He calls us to do.

What used to work back then, as far as witnessing to folks, doesn't always work nowadays.

But change doesn't have to be the dreaded thing we hate to do. We can stand fast, dive into the word deeper and pray for God to show us who and how to witness to this ever changing world.

I have to tell you from experience, when you stop trying to lead the way and let God do it, things fall into place so much better and easier. Besides that, you know that the change that you just experienced was a complete God thing.

So here is my encouragement to you for this week. Whether you need change in your own life or to change how you view people or this world or even a change in how you witness to people, give it to the Lord first. Let Him guide your steps necessary to change things from your way of thinking to His way of thinking.

After all, it is only the incredibly loving God we serve that could change the leaves from green to golden. If we tried doing that, we'd make a mess out of it.Change -- it isn't always a bad thing. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 1 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..."

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.wells@rockdalecitizen.com.