Salem in must win game against Loganville

CONYERS -- There are no more chances for Salem's football team with Loganville on the horizon and six games left on their schedule. The Seminoles are in a must-win situation when they face off against Loganville on Friday if they hope to make it to the Class AAAA playoffs.

Salem (2-2) are in a three-way tie for fifth place with Habersham Central and Cedar Shoals. Habersham Central holds the tiebreaker advantage. Loganville (2-1) are one-half game ahead of Salem and are tied with Clarke Central. Salem has yet to play Cedar Shoals and Clarke Central.

"We have ourselves in a hole. We just have to play hard the rest of the way in," Salem head coach John Starr said. "We talked about it last week that's there's no easy way out. We have to play hard every game and see what the end results are."

Both Salem and Loganville have something to their advantage. Salem has quickness on their side but Loganville has the size in their favor.

The Red Devils will use their size on offensive to give senior quarterback Garrett Ford time to find his receivers and senior Juwann Saffold an opening. While Starr knows that totally stopping Loganville is a big order, the most he can hope for is to keep them from making big plays and force them to drive the ball. If they can do that, the Seminoles defense can hopefully put them into punting situations more times than not.

"They're a big high school football team up front. They have big lineman and a veteran quarterback that's pretty accurate and pretty good," Starr said. "They're a complete and solid football team. The best way to describe them is that they're very physical."

While Salem may have the edge offensively with their speed, Loganville's size can be an equalizer.

"The way they play their defense it's going to be a challenge because they're so big in the box. They can afford to put people out on the edges," Starr said. "Offensively, we have to do a better job of protecting the ball. We can't afford turnovers and unforced penalties and errors. We just have to play."