Newton schools seeing lower enrollment

COVINGTON -- Newton County schools could see fewer students enrolled in classes this year.

In the first enrollment report of the school year to the Newton County Board of Education, the Newton County School System is stating that 19,209 students are enrolled in the county's 24 facilities, as of this month.

Earlier this year, NCSS projected that student enrollment would be between 18,520 and 19,960, compared to the approximately 19,100 students enrolled near the end of last school year.

However, last September, NCSS reported 19,430 students were enrolled in its schools. That number also was about 200 students less than the previous school year at that time.

Currently, 9,490 elementary students are enrolled in 14 schools, 4,285 middle school students in five schools and 5,174 high school students in three schools. Additionally, 152 students are enrolled in the Ombudsman alternative school program and 108 in Challenge Charter Academy, according to the report.

Flint Hill Elementary has the highest elementary enrollment with 1,179 students, and Alcovy has 1,939 students enrolled; 689 prekindergarten students are enrolled in the elementary schools, and 1,052 seniors are enrolled at the high schools.

Ombudsman has its highest enrollment in its ninth grade with 54 students; no sixth-graders currently are enrolled in the program.


oside2705 4 years, 2 months ago

so why am I at church and the talk is all about this? ENrollment will not go up if the superintendent has principals pull and hold high school diplomas just cause a kid ran into his car in the partking lot. This is an outrageous abuse of power would have never happened to a senior from the east side of town. Is the board looking into this? What does policy say about a fender bender in the parking lot and a yanked diploma? Good way to lower your rate of graduates.


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