Teen arrested at Rockdale football game

CONYERS -- A 16-year-old male was arrested at the football game between Rockdale County High School and Heritage High School Thursday night after he reportedly refused to obey a police officer and was subsequently found to be in possession of a knife on school property.

According to an incident report filed by a Conyers Police Department officer, there was increased patrol at the football game at Reid Stadium in an effort to prevent any disruption between the two schools. According to the officer's report, "Traditionally the game between these schools leads to violence and security is increased due to the large number of spectators."

Officers had been instructed to keep people from gathering on the concrete area behind the bleachers on the home team side of the stadium. Two officers were patrolling the area at about 8:30 p.m. and noticed that a large crowd had gathered on the east end of the stadium. The officers instructed the group to be seated on the bleachers or continue walking. According to the report, the crowd dispersed except for two males. When instructed again to be seated or move on, one of the males reportedly looked upward "with a blank stare on his face."

When instructed again to move on or be seated, the suspect told the officers that they were being "ridiculous," and said, "Y'all need to get up out of my face."

One officer then attempted to escort the suspect out of the game, but the suspect pulled away twice and began running west across the top of the bleacher area, bumping into other spectators.

The officer gave chase and deployed his Taser twice but was unable to stop the suspect. During the chase, an unidentified male ran past the officer and tackled the suspect. As the suspect was being taken into custody, the man who tackled the suspect disappeared into the stands.

The suspect was handcuffed and escorted out of the stadium. During a search of the suspect officers found a folding pocket knife with a blade that was 3.25 inches long.

Officers checked out the suspect and found that only one Taser probe had made contact, and it was imbedded in his blue jeans. Personnel from National EMS examined the suspect and found that he had superficial wounds to his right elbow, wrist and hip where he was tackled on the concrete.

According to the reporting officer, the suspect "apologized for being disrespectful to (the officers)" and "seemed sincere and stated he knew better than to act the way he did and did not have a reason."

The suspect was charged with possession of a knife on school property. He was taken to Rockdale Medical Center for evaluation prior to being transported to the Gainesville Youth Detention Center. The teen's name was not released due to his status as a juvenile.