Conyers Kennel Club sponsors Meet-a-Breed event

CONYERS -- The Conyers Kennel Club will host its annual Meet-a-Breed and Responsible Dog Ownership Day Tuesday, Sept. 20, from 5 to 9 p.m. in the Olde Town Pavilion on Main Street. Snacks will be provided.

"The responsible dog ownership day is where we have a meet a breed where people can ask questions about different breeds," said Sue Shelton, kennel club member. "Then we'll also have demonstrations."

The day will be held in conjunction with the kennel club's handling classes so there will be a handling class as well as an obedience demonstration.

"(The handling class is) helping the handler and the dog gear up for an American Kennel Club show. The dog and the handler become as one so they can better handle themselves for an actual AKC show," Shelton said. "The obedience is basically the same thing. That's where they sit and stay and come, and all that comes into play in the obedience portion."

People can still sign up for the club's eight-week handling class. The cost is $5 per handler.

The Conyers Kennel Club is home to about 32 different breeds, and Shelton said 20 or more breeds may attend the Meet-a-Breed part of the day.

"The public is welcome. That's what we're doing this for -- public education," Shelton said. "If they see a breed they like, they can ask questions. No better place to ask questions than a breeder."

For those interested in joining the Conyers Kennel Club, information will be provided at the event. The Conyers Kennel Club meets every second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the IHOP in Conyers.