Local runners well represented in 28th Fuzz Run

COVINGTON -- Even though local runners did not win the 28th annual Covington Fuzz Run, they did place first in 19 of the 32 age groups.

Acworth's Reoben Mwei was the fastest man on Saturday winning the 5K in a time of 14 minutes, 31 seconds.

The first woman crossing the finish line was Shawanna White of Stone Mountain who came across the line in 17:58.

Mwei, who is originally from Kenya, knew he could win the Fuzz Run but he wished he could have had someone who had the capability to keep up with him. If he had, there's a possibly he could have beat the record of Felix Kibdiywo time of 14:16, which was set last year.

Mwei's closet competitor was Bill Moss, who came in second overall with a time of 16:28. Moss came in first in the 25-29 category.

"I wish I had someone that could stay with me so I could run my best. When you're running by yourself it's really hard," Mwei said. "This is my first time running in this. The course is really great and so nice. I'll be here next year."

For White, who won the event in her second try, was very consistent with her time from last year. In her first time running in the Fuzz Run, White, who came in second behind Janet Cherobon who set a new record with a time of 14:42, had a time of 17:56. This year she was two seconds off that mark winning it with a time of 17:58.

Coming in second overall was Loganville's Brittany Samples with a time of 21:51. Samples won her age group of 12-14.

"When I didn't see anyone else around me, I was like 'I think I got it.' I just wanted to see how fast I could go," White said. "I run about 60 to 70 miles a week. Right now, since I'm backing working as a health teacher, I run one time a day. But in the summertime I'll do a double."

When White did not see anyother woman around her, she knew she had it won. To keep up her focus White like to sing a song in her head or come up with differnt phrases such as "you can do it". She keeps these thoughts in her mind when she starts to feel tired.

"Right now I'm training for a marathon. I'm training for the Rocket City in Huntsville, Alabama in December. I really don't have that much 5K speed," White said. "I was using it for a workout."

White trains by running between 60 to 80 miles a week.