ON THE BEAT: Man has history of stealing drugs

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

He's a thief!

A woman reported to the NCSO that someone had stolen her Xanax and Hydrocodone prescriptions just after she had them filled. She furnished officers with the name of a suspect, saying she knew he was the one who took them because he had stolen her marijuana last year.

Third time's the charm

A woman called the Covington Police Department to say that her son had come to her house drunk, "acting crazy and yelling at her." When officers arrived, they had to search for him, but finally found him lying on his stomach in some tall grass near a wooded area. The officer ordered him to show his hands and he refused. The officer discharged his Taser and ordered him again to show his hands. He refused. The officer again tasered him and ordered him once more to show his hands. He responded by saying, "OK, man, I will do whatever you want me to do just don't do that again."

What's for breakfast?

A Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy was summoned to break up an early morning argument between two women. He stated in an NCSO incident report, "When I arrived I found that both females had spit on each other while they were arguing over a small bag of Cheerios. I arrested both ladies."

Welcome home

A woman said she had just arrived at her home from a trip and got out of her car and set her bags on the ground. She went inside the house for a moment, and when she went back to get her luggage, everything was gone.

Wedding blues

A woman reported to the Covington Police Department that someone had fraudulently used her credit card, making a purchase at 3 a.m. at Weddingband.com. The ring apparently cost $271.90.

Grave robbing

A woman notified the CPD that her ex-boyfriend took her dead son's gold teeth and pawned them for $85. When she protested, he sent her the pawn ticket from his new home in Florida.

A meanie

A man called the NCSO to say that his girlfriend's co-worker had been texting him and calling him names. He said the co-worker also said mean things about his mother.

Got socked

A man called the NCSO to report that someone had placed a sock in the gas tank of his vehicle.

Gone in 1,200 seconds

A man called the CPD to report his 2010 Chevy Tahoe, a rental vehicle, was stolen from in front of his house. He said he went out to the car, cranked it and left it running while he went into his house for about 20 minutes. Inside the car was a John Deere push mower worth $250 and an Echo weed trimmer worth $75. When he returned, they were all gone.

Mailbox 'Vampire'

A woman complained to the CPD that someone keeps putting filming schedules for "Vampire Diaries" in her mailbox.

Try the laundromat

A woman who was caught shoplifting at Kmart said she was stealing clothing for her sister because she didn't have any clean clothes.

Mad mama

CPD officers were called to Newton Medical Center emergency room after a man showed up with injuries he said he received when his baby's mother snatched his iPod out of his hand and threw an old bicycle tire at him. He said she was mad because he terminated their relationship.

Too much TV

NCSO deputies were called to a wooded area where some young boys found a bone they said looked like a pelvis. One of the youngsters said he was poking holes in the ground with a stick and the stick came back with some substance that looked like flesh and there was a foul odor. He began digging and found the suspicious bone. This information compelled the deputies to begin digging and they discovered a burial ground for deer carcasses.

Gotta have it

A man was arrested at Walmart for stealing several containers of air freshener. Walmart asset protection officers said it was the man's second offense and they banned him from all Walmarts, Sam's Clubs and Murphy USA facilities. His parents were on location at the time he was arrested.

Smells like bubble gum

A CPD officer worked a minor wreck and noticed the driver of the vehicle was being a little stand-offish. It didn't work, however, and the officer wrote in his incident report, "Although (the driver) was chewing bubble gum and turning his head away as he spoke, (I) could detect a strong odor of alcohol on (his) person."