Sept. 4 Newton Citizen Poll

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"Many thanks to the reader bringing attention to GE. Our son works in Waukesha, Wis., so we have an interest on what happens there. Went to ge.com for more information. Under 'Explore GE What's Happening.' Topics: GE&China: Growing Markets -- 'several media stories have distorted facts.' Really? Also mentions new job announcement in the U.S., including 65 in Appliances and 400 in Energy for Georgia, totaling 8,000 jobs in 15 states. Really? NY Times.com ran a story by David Kocieniewski, 'GE Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether' as part of the series ... Unfortunately, this outrageous behavior is all too common with U.S. corporations with the approval of lawmakers in Hypocrisy, DC. Four hundred and thirty-five members in the House of Representatives and 100 senators make decisions for 307 million Americans! In my opinion, these people are doing nothing to keep Americans working except paying lip service."

"In response to the one who wished to 'educate' me. You must have slept in class as you attended the Newton County schools. Well, now to give you some proper schooling. As for the issue of events like the Fuzz Run blocking you and your buddies in your neighborhoods, you must be one of those people who only know one way to get home. And do you use the Square as your only reference point? How special. The city requires that all subdivisions have at least two ways to egress and ingress. Check with Building and Zoning on that. If you were involved with our community, you would also know that the Fuzz Run is a non-profit and the money raised goes into the PWC (Police Who Care Fund). The PWC gives this money back in the form of Christmas to needy families, families of slain and injured officers across the state, and have assisted many families in our community with sick or injured children, plus many other outstanding causes. Your statement, 'I don't understand how the mayor can legally give them legal authority to act as government policemen,' well, she don't, the State of Georgia does. As far as crimes being solved, check the jail log, half a page every time. Also by definition a mansion is a residence over 8,000 square feet, not too many of those in Covington. Just because the officers and their families are hard workers, you want to fault them for the home they are trying to provide for their families. I'm sure if crime in Covington was as bad as you want to make it out to be, none of them would live here. They would just work here. Remember who ya going to call, Ghost Busters. Don't you feel smarter."

"You have to have order before justice! I understand that the law enforcement officers do their job not for the money. but can someone please tell me why they have an attitude of 'Do as I say not as I do.' How can they or why don't they give tickets for the following: Their police car window tint as dark as mine; allowing cars to have tint cover on their head lights and tail lights; allowing dogs to ride in the drivers lap, but we can't text; allowing children to ride on golf carts with no car seat; allowing the over-jacked up trucks to still drive; having a tag applied for. I think i just paid more on my insurance plans cause of these people. I respected the law, and respect them for what they do and the crap and diseases they deal with. I just would like to see more of them cracking down on more driving violations. Once again, thanks for all y'alls help."

"Now, Chop, you feel the same pain as us readers do with the space taken to describe your good daddy deed. You have to crawl before you walk, but the frozen pork chop should help the pain."

"To the cat hater: If you get caught (which I hope you do) harming that cat you will be charged with a felony animal abuser. You have a real problem!"

"Why is it that I have to go to the Gwinnett Daily Post to get the story on the Newton-Shiloh football game, I found no mention of it as of 5:37 p.m. 8/27/11, seeing how the same company owns the Citizen and the Post, why not just post the story that the Post ran, I've said for years that the local papers around here are biased against Newton. (I wonder if it has to do with the school makeup?) Lord knows we read enough about Eastside in the paper win or lose. We'll see how the Citizen handles next week's football story when Newton plays Eastside."

"Looking from the outside in with a view. The city of Covington has the good ole boy system still in play and they think they can do as they wish. So I thought it was time to share with the citizens what some of their money is getting wasted on. I know several people that work for the city of Covington and I hear lots of stories. I think, OK, maybe this is something that the citizens of Covington should know that money is being wasted. Why is it that employees get paid to do nothing but sit in front of the TV, go to the doctor, go shopping, take care of personal business, and have affairs all on city of Covington time. Something needs to be looked at with all of this. There are several people in the city of Covington that are just holding out getting a paycheck and need to go ahead and do the right thing and retire. You are wasting city of Covington money, don't you think that is wrong that you get paid to do nothing or do you just think you are entitled to that money. I wonder if they sleep well at night wasting hard-earned taxpayer money."

"Just a comment to a large number of drivers that have no clue what the lever on the left side of steering column is for. When you are making a left turn, pull the lever down and when making a right turn push the lever up. It's not only the general public that are not abiding by this law, but if you watch Newton County Sheriff's officers, Covington City Police and Georgia State Patrol are guilty of the same offenses. Also, when you turn your windshield wipers on, your headlights according to the state law, are to be turned on also. No one seems to enforce this law. Don't misunderstand. I have respect for law enforcement officers. They for the most part do a great job. If they would only practice the laws they are paid to enforce, the general public would have more respect for them."

"After reading opinions in the other local newspaper about how the Main Street Program had enhanced our downtown Square, I was appalled to learn that over that period that Main Street had actually altered the Square from what it was originally. How is this 'preservation?' Locals tell me that there once was a shallow goldfish pond which provided a relaxing spot for adults to contemplate and children to marvel at the fish. ... two beautiful magnolia trees (were) cut down ... One who watched the cutting of the magnolias stated there was not a rotten limb on either tree! It takes a hundred years to grow one of those and only an hour to destroy it. And then there is the addition of the 'stage.' Why on the face of this earth could anyone be stupid enough to alter a 150-year-old Square by placing a stage on it? The 'opinions' of the other local paper are simply an appeasement for a very small group, mostly newcomers, obsessed with 'visions' of what Covington should be, not what it is or was. We all hope the county takes back control of our Square from the city of Covington and their warped visionaries."

"OK, I have seen or read it all. God has not turned his back on us, we have taken our eyes off of him. Not all people who receive financial aid from the government are lazy. There are some who work every day and work hard for an employer who refuses to award them with a raise. And by the way the City of Covington still gives raises. It's the county that hasn't. It is the Covington Police not Newton police. Kathy and Ezell, there is a race coming. Open your eyes. Chris and Keith? I'm not sure either but quit playing. Where are we going? Oh and Bobby, that picture is 40 years old."

"The proposed new congressional district map has west Newton County in the 4th district with DeKalb and Rockdale. This is John Lewis' district, people. Contact your representatives today."

Editor's note: The 4th Congressional District is represented by Hank Johnson.

"Someone mentioned about an article or that they had heard about a statement about the book, 'The Help' from Darrell Huckaby, but I have never seen it or heard anything. Where was that from?"

"I would like to commend the young man that is the zoning administrator of Newton County. He has been most helpful all the time with a smile and a laugh. He is really upbeat and positive and I just appreciated dealing with someone like that. He is just a breath of fresh air. I hope Newton County is aware of what a great employee they have."

"I was calling about the lady in the welfare office on Monday. We went over there wanting a helping hand, not a handout, a helping hand and she treated us like we were dirt, basically just slammed the door in our face, wouldn't even listen to our situation. Like I say, we wanted a helping hand. We do not want a hand out, and I guess that is the reason she was so rude to us."

"I just received my county tax notice. I am 70 years old and on a fixed income. In fact I have grandchildren who are 22 and 24. Half my taxes are for school taxes. Yeah, yeah, I know you say that owners of apartment complexes pay school taxes. Bull. There is no way they pay the correct amount based on the number of families that have children in schools. Solution: Charge the families when they register for school. You would have a large revenue that way instead of the way you are doing it now. Rockdale County doesn't charge homeowners over 65 for school taxes and they are less than half our size. What say you? What can you do to fix this? Nothing? I hope not. The people on fixed income are on fixed income and they need all the money they can get. Come up with a better way."


aaaa 3 years, 11 months ago

In response to the individual who commented about the Sheriff’s Office not extending raises. Please be mindful that raises/no raises are determined by the Board of Commissioners. Sheriff Brown has advocated for raises and a reduction in furlough days for the past two years. It is not his desire to see those who work long, hard, diligent, risky days and not be rewarded for their sacrifice and efforts. Sheriff Brown fights tirelessly for the benefit of the Sheriff’s Office.


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