Qualifying results are in for Municipal Election

Qualifying for the non-partisan Municipal Election concluded Friday afternoon. Below is a list of candidates who will be on the ballot for the Nov. 8 election:


District 2, Post 2: Vince Evans (incumbent)

District 3: Gerald A. Hinesley Sr. (incumbent)

District 4: John Fountain


Mayor: Ronnie Johnston; Bobby Sigman

Post 1, West Ward: Janet Goodman (incumbent)

Post 2, East Ward: Mike Whatley (incumbent); Ronald Martin

Post3, East Ward: Keith Dalton (incumbent); Lamar Brown


Mayor: Jerry Roseberry (incumbent)

Post 1: Frank Davis (incumbent)

Post 2: George Holt (incumbent)

Post 3: Lyn Pace Jr.


Mayor: Bobby Hamby (incumbent); Arline Chapman

Post 1: Robert Foxworth (incumbent); Anita Rainey

Post 2: Linda Finger (incumbent); Darlene Savage

Post 3: Terry Barnes; John Wayne Maddox Jr.; Tim Savage


Post 1: Gene Downs

Post 2: No qualifiers. Current Post 2 representative Dennis Fincher will remain on the council until the end of the year. The mayor and council will appoint a new council member at the beginning of the 2012 term, according to the town attorney.


Mayor: Estona Middlebrooks; Chris FulmerPost 1: Orville McGunigal; Marty Smallwood

Post 2: Helen Robertson; Theresa Smallwood

Post 4: David Nadel; Lisa Dunn

Social Circle

Mayor: Hal Dally; Hosea Jackson; Barron Steward; Joel Biggs

District 2: Angela Porter (incumbent)

District 4: Crenan Mills; Steve Shelton

School District 1: Shannon Davis; Larry Cross

School District 3: Robbie Groves; Alan D. Howard Sr.; John Callahan