Letter to the editor: Georgia Transmission seeks public input

Georgia Transmission builds and maintains high-voltage electric transmission lines for Georgia's customer-owned electric membership corporations. We work with the state's other electric utilities to plan and operate a power grid to meet Georgia's energy demand.

When studying potential routes for transmission lines, we consider a number of factors, including existing and proposed land use, environmental conditions, historic and cultural resources, population centers, existing corridors and cost and engineering factors. A preferred route is then selected that best meets the routing criteria and overall has the least impact to the surrounding community and the environment.

After we have identified a preferred route, we seek and value public input. This includes working one-on-one with property owners, elected officials and community groups and holding public and stakeholder meetings to obtain input and answer questions about the new line.

Nearly every major power line project is adjusted to some degree as a result of property owner and community input; pole locations could be changed or the line might be moved to another location on the property. While major route adjustments are not always feasible there are many instances where we have been able to adjust a planned power line after hearing community input.

Georgia Transmission works hard to meet state and federal environmental requirements and minimize the effects of our activities. We comply with the rules of dozens of state and federal regulatory agencies, and pass rigorous audits of mandatory federal reliability standards each year.

While we must build and maintain transmission lines to ensure reliable power, we understand that few people want a power line in their back yard. We are committed to working with the community to determine the best solution that meets electrical demands and has the least impact on the community and individual property owners.

Jeannine Haynes

Sr. Public Relations Representative

Georgia Transmission Corp.