Morgan says she'll run in 2012

Kathy Morgan

Kathy Morgan

COVINGTON - Board of Commissioners Chairman Kathy Morgan said she intends to seek re-election in 2012.

Morgan said she will make her official announcement and reveal more details about her platform after the first of the year, but said that assuming the county continues to function under the current form of government, she plans to run again. Morgan was referring to discussions now underway to change the current elected executive form of government to a county manager form.

"I just think it's critical to take this county and move it forward," Morgan said. "I think at this point we need to focus on trying to find good, skilled jobs for the county. I'm still optimistic. I'm more of a realist now with what has happened because of the economy, but I still believe this is one of the greatest places to live in the state."

Shortly after Morgan's election, the economy tanked, and her vision for the county while campaigning had to change to focus more on continuing to function with lower revenues and fewer staff. The county has survived but suffered in tough times, she said, but there are signs the economy is turning around.

"I have the skills we need to bring the county forward out from under this economy. None of that was in the plan. I did anticipate a slow up but if you had told me there would be a 30 percent decrease in the tax digest in three years, I would have said you were crazy. This is a county full of good people. Now we've got to get everybody working in the same direction. We've had enough transitions with people going their own way. Now we need to get everybody working as a team and moving forward," she said.

Morgan is the first woman to serve as chair of the county commission.


mgh1966 4 years, 1 month ago

Is ther another dem out there


56vick 4 years ago

We the employees of Newton County hope that your undertaking will fail .We can't take another 4 years of pay cuts and,loss of jobs while you continue to get fat and sassy.Hopefully you will get a chance to join the ranks of the unemployed.Maybe you and Kim can work on the railroad at the end of 2012.


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