Oct. 23 Newton Poll

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"I was calling about food stamp recipients. I think that everybody that is on food stamps now or applying for food stamps or whatever should be drug tested. I think that no way hard-working taxpayers should have to pay for somebody's drug habit."

"I was calling about the Hank Williams Jr. situation with his new song and everything. I think he is a great American. I think the country would be in better shape if more people was like him."

"It's amazing how insurance companies can get away with discrimination so easily. We have a health insurance plan with a company and we reside in Newton County. A relative has the same identical plan and lives in Rockdale County. We have received notice the 'company' will no longer 'offer' this plan to residents of Newton County after Dec. 31, 2011. However, it will NOT affect residents of Rockdale County or many other counties. Soooo -- all the plan's customers living in Newton County must scramble to find coverage with a new company by Jan. 1, 2012, or they will no longer have a health care plan. It seems like complaints to the Georgia State Insurance Commissioner's office are in order -- if these companies plan to be licensed & do business within the State of Georgia."

"Bobby Sigman, Covington mayoral candidate, is vilified as the 'sign man' and for the first time in history, after getting hundreds of calls over the years, law enforcement finally has struck. Never in the history of an election have signs not been removed, so this precedent makes us all wonder what is going on? He is a bit like Robin Hood, 'Feared by the bad and loved by the good' in his quest to clean out the rubbish in city government. Whether he took the signs, or whether he didn't, all the people I've spoken have stated, 'I don't care if he took them or not, if he will do what he says he will do if elected, I'm voting for him anyway!' This incident would fit well into Letterman's top ten for the most ridiculous 'sting' in the history of law enforcement. Maybe our local law enforcement can now concentrate on Wylie Coyote's cache of known illegal weapons contraband and the city judge can add up enough silly charges to finally get him off the constant trail of the Roadrunner."

"Has the paper stopped printing the Citizen Poll? They are never up-to-date anymore."

"The old man was going to talk about music today but we do have a more serious problem I would like to talk about. I know most of you write because you have a grievance against the city or the county or occasionally you write to praise someone, which is great. The problem we have now is growing and the only way it can be stopped is to stop using this bank. They were given billions of dollars of the taxpayer's money to bail them out. Of course the jam they got in was their own doing. Anyone who wanted a mortgage loan was given one. They may not have been able to pay it back, but it was a low interest ARM loan. After a short time the loan had to be refinanced. My neighbor had a loan like this and paid regularly. Time was up on the ARM loan and they doubled the amount he had to pay monthly. He tried to refinance and after doing all the paper work (which he did five times because they kept losing his papers) he was told everything was fine and he was approved. Then they turned around and changed their mind. He had to move out and hoodlums have ransacked the house. This is only one of the many horror stories I have come across. Very little of the money the taxpayers gave to them to help bail out those who were going to lose their home has been used for that purpose. Now they are going to charge their customers who have accounts with them to pay $5 to take their own money from the ATM machines? This is ludicrous. Not only that, they are going to get rid of 30,000 employees. I wonder how many will be presidents or vice presidents? Well, the old man has had his say. Do with it what you want. Next time I want to talk about music."

"Seems strange that the Sports section can publish columns and scores for the Georgia Bulldogs, a little about Georgia Tech, and not one word about a university in Georgia that is No. 1 in it's conference. Has anyone ever heard of the Georgia Southern Eagles?"

Editor's note: Please see the Sunday, Oct. 16, edition.

"We need to keep the Occupy Wall Street protestors (in whatever city) in the news and on the radio. It shows everyone in the country what 'liberalism' is all about among the Democratic Party consisting of 'the left/liberals,' unions, and the socialists."

"It never ceases to amaze me why parents cant figure out why their kids get hooked on drugs or alcohol when their own medicine cabinets are full of 'happy pills' and their home bars are brimming with booze."

"We are witnessing history in the making. The most exciting event I can remember since moving to Covington is the unraveling of the power structure's stranglehold on the people. With all the hype placed on Mr. Sigman's entrapment by local law enforcement and the district attorney, it is easy for anyone to see he is the power structure's worst nightmare. From all I hear, no matter what the power brokers try to pull, he will not withdraw from the election. I have some inside information for the other 'newspaper' if you can call it that, to use in their next editorial; Mr. Sigman is a space alien sent here to destroy all life as we know it."

"Watching the 'Great Sigman Sign Saga' play out, it seems that a lot of people in positions of authority have a lot of extra time on their hands and excess money in their budgets. I do not have a dog in this fight. I live in the county (My preference) but my tax dollars spent in the Newton County Courthouse, on such frivolous prosecution, stirs my blood. It is such a relief to understand that in their infinite wisdom our founding fathers put the final word in the hands of the people. That would be the Newton County grand jury, and, if selected by a defendant, the trial jury. Regardless of what specially chosen words are used by a prosecuting attorney (DA) or whatever 'evidence' is presented, the people on either one or both of the aforementioned juries can make the guilty or not guilty call. I don't care if it is Bobby Sigman, Sigman Freud, or Albert Einstein, the continuation of such frivolity, for primarily political reasons, is a waste of valuable resources best used for crimes of a serious nature. Having never witnessed such ludicrous actions for the 'vanishing sign syndrome,' which is typical in every political race since the beginning of time and is not likely to go away ever, the joke which has people laughing at the city of Covington from California to New York to Florida, was brought about by the people who nourished their own indecent lack of decorum and sent the word out to all the news organizations are the real culprits here. Yes, Covington is a laughing stock, just as Time magazine published one of our former mayor's story and branded that mayor as "One of the ten dirtiest Mayors in the United States." These people aren't laughing about such a common event as missing campaign signs but at the stupidity of those who have taken it to another level with a 'sting' operation, an arrest, and above all the district attorney's decision to pursue the incident. More of this type of publicity really serves the purposes of successfully attracting industry and other investments in the city of Covington. The term 'backfire' comes to mind. I speak to these juries after hearing all this nonsense and being asked to find a true bill or a guilty verdict. They are the ultimate skids to end this outrageous infamy or in the alternative, to bring us even closer to possibly being branded by a publication like Time magazine at some point in the future as the leader in the race for 'The Dumbest City in the United States.'"

"Let's put some people back to work. I am a certified home inspector here in Newton County. Every day I see so many empty homes that have been foreclosed on. The banks or investment groups that own these homes need to understand that they are not just deed holders anymore. They are in fact, homeowners now. These homes have been neglected for so long they have become an eyesore and a danger for the community. If these 'homeowners' would only invest a small amount of money in just cutting the grass and cleaning the gutters, it would make a big difference. Not only would it put some folks back to work, it would also raise the value of these and surrounding properties. They would, in fact, earn back their investment and more. Just think about all the folks that could be put back to work by just taking care of existing homes. Yard men, handy men, carpenters, pest control, and yes maybe even home inspectors. This would make such a positive impact on home values and the housing industry. Let's make a positive out of a negative and put people back to work at the same time. Win-Win."

"To all the people complaining about the barricades on the Square for events. Get a life and quit crying. I work for the city and put these out. It brings money into the city and the barricades keep everyone safe. How would you like if you and your family was on the Square for an event and a car came through hitting people, not so good. So stop being cry babies and support our city."

"I just saw four deer in my back yard and then I heard a car coming down the road playing that bass thumping ignorant crap. I remember a time when I could see four deer in my back yard and not have to hear them nerds. When I was in school nerds were the only ones that had problems with their wardrobes just like they do today. I've got news for you nerds you need to study cool, and your parents need to be neutered."

"Newton County deputies faced armed robbers Friday night. Deputies faced the armed robbers alone. Newton County commissioners and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce vote to cut the Sheriff's Department funding and laying off trained deputies. Newton County Deputies faced Armed Robbers Saturday night; Deputies face a man armed with a long gun firing into a subdivision Saturday Morning. Newton County deputies respond to a man firing rounds Saturday morning. The call was on hold for 20 minutes because there was not enough deputies to respond, they were all tied up on other calls. There are not enough deputies to respond to all of the calls at the same time. Calls are placed on hold because of the shortage. Deputies fired and hit the suspect in the leg. Newton County Commissioner's and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce voted to cut the Sheriff's Department funding. Thank God, our deputies Support us despite the Newton County Board of Commissioners and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce not supporting them."Editor's note: The Newton County Chamber of Commerce does not make funding decisions for the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

"My nephew is a Newton County fireman. I asked him about his cousin, a Newton County High School senior, who wanted to become a fireman, if there was any advice he could give. He looked left, he looked right, he looked down, and said I should apply somewhere other than the Newton County Fire Department, as there is no future here."

I am a Navy veteran and I agree with the person who wanted the military monument removed from the Square. The Confederate monument needs to be removed also. The city can then bulldoze the Square and put down wheat straw and make it a side show fair ground. That is about all it is now anyway. Someone put a tent in the square that looks like that is used for roadside yard sales and fruit stands."

"I am a retired government employee, and I work part-time for a local home health service company. Some of the people I serve need routine daily care. Some are diabetic and some need their blood pressure checked. Sometimes it is impossible to get to their residences due to their streets being blocked by the Covington Police Department. Many of these people are elderly and live alone. Some have no family or their family lives out of town. The city of Covington should be ashamed of the way they allow these people to be treated. They seem to have a Police Department that has run 'totally amuck.' I agree with the other comments that call for a change at City Hall."

"The Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 edition of the AJC carried a front page article about nurse practitioners who treated in-home patients. Hopefully, the Covington mayor, city manager, and police chief read this article. It would tell them the important services these home care nurses provide. This should also show them the harm they could be causing when their police block streets and neighborhoods and deny these nurses their scheduled patient visits. They seem to put more importance in their races and filming than they do their citizen's health."

"I choose to work for the Newton County Sheriff's Office. I am one of the guys that have a car parked in my yard, this allows me to respond to your call a lot quicker, I am glad someone appreciates that fact, thank you. I have lived in my home for several years and I am in no threat of losing it. No raise, no holiday pay, short on personnel, I will not jump ship when I am needed most. Thank you to all of the county employees who choose to stay, I know it is tough and seems thankless but we can and do make a difference, Stand fast for this, too, will pass. If you choose to go, go quietly for I will stand in the gap until."


Silverbullet 3 years, 10 months ago

Jesus Christ clearing the temple of money changers was the first Wall Street Protester in history.


Silverbullet 3 years, 10 months ago

Oh, oooooooook, now I get it. Someone forgot to tell Chm. Morgan she wasnt the queen.


smallTown 3 years, 10 months ago

to who ever wrote the last part about working for the Sheriff's Office and being able to stand in the gap.... HAHAHAHAHA you must be the Sheriff or his little sidekick, cause none of the Deputies there would ever talk like that. The moral is so low around that Office!! get a grip.


mustardandbiscuit 3 years, 8 months ago

Funny how you say the morale is low at their office, yet they still look down there noses at the other police officers in the county?! Bunch of jerks...


LE4LIFE 3 years, 8 months ago

I am still here. Where are you? smalltown and biscuit I would'nt expect you to understand.


smallTown 3 years, 8 months ago

Your still where?? and ur right I don't understand why and to who ur sucking up to.


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