Covington Police rejuvenate Neighborhood Watch program

COVINGTON -- The Covington Police Department is looking to rejuvenate an old program and perhaps introduce it to a new generation.

"We've been doing Neighborhood Watch for a long time, but now there is more technology available to help us communicate and get information to the citizens," said CPD Public Information Officer Capt. Ken Malcom. "This is the beginning of an effort to revitalize the Neighborhood Watch program in the city and encourage people to form their own group and utilize the police department as a resource to help them with addressing concerns involving criminal behavior."

The CPD is hosting a joint Neighborhood Watch meeting for two areas within the city of Covington on Thursday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m. at the old Cousins school building, located at the corner of Carlton Trail and Geiger Street. The meeting will be next to the Department of Driver's Services and signs will be posted for easy access.

The following streets are in Neighborhood Watch Area #1: Herring Street, Samara Street, Echols Street, Odum Street, Hillcrest Drive, Hillside Drive, North Street, West Street (from Old Atlanta Highway north), Old Atlanta Highway, Hudson Street, Ebarhardt Street, Berry Street and Banks Street.

In Neighborhood Watch Area #2 are Geiger Street, Haygood Street, Banks Street (off Geiger), Hudson Street (off Geiger) Durden Circle, Need Street, Moore Street, Carlton Trail, Village Drive, Clearview Drive, Cherokee Drive, Colony Drive and Stone Street.

"The reason for this meeting is the increased criminal activity for the areas. Most of these activities include burglaries, thefts and juvenile mischief," Malcom said. "The Covington Police Department is coordinating this effort to partner with businesses and residents and giving awareness to such activities to reduce crime."

Malcom said plans are to assign an officer to a specific area so residents can get to know him.

"That way, they can communicate with a contact directly. Obviously, this doesn't take the place of dialing 911 in an emergency, but it is an opportunity to develop and forge a positive relationship with an officer and work together on a daily basis," Malcom said.

Anyone living in another area of the city who would be interested in learning more about the Neighborhood Watch program should call Malcom at 770-3885-2126.

Anyone living in the county who is interested in the program should call the Newton County Sheriff's Office at 678-625-1400.


SarahTodd 4 years, 1 month ago

Covington doesn't need Neighborhood Watch. If any criminal activity is taking place outside your property, all anyone needs to do is call the CPD and tell them someone is outside stealing yard signs. I'm sure they will send officers over right away to set up a sting operation!


phone 4 years, 1 month ago

SarahTodd, you can't get over it can you? Give it a rest already!!


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