Alcovy clinches subregion championship with 34-8 win

COVINGTON -- Alcovy's defense held Woodland to less than 140 yards of total offense and had six sacks as the Tigers beat Woodland 34-8 and become the subregion 3A-AAAA champion.

The Tigers (6-3, 5-1) have a much needed bye week before playing the 3B-AAAA subregion champion for the Region 3-AAAA championship on Nov. 4. Whitewater and Northgate are both undefeated in subregion play and will face each other next week at Northgate.

"It (bye week) gives us a chance to take care of some of the nicks and bruises. We've gone 12 straight weeks without an off week. That's tough on anybody," said Alcovy head coach Kirk Hoffman. "We're going to get better ourselves then start preparing for whoever we have in two weeks."

The Tigers started the game with a 13-yard run by Devon Edwards. But things quickly began to fall apart on offense. Alcovy fumbled the snap two times, had a punt partially blocked and had a negative seven yards of offense in the rest of the quarter.

The got a break when Woodland roughed the punter on a fourth and 13 to give the Tigers a first and 10 on their 40. A couple of offside penalties by the Wolfpack helped keep Alcovy's drive alive. Following an 11-yard run by Cornell White, the Alcovy quarterback put the ball in the air allowing Kenard Murray win the battle with the safety for a 37-yard touchdown one minute into the second period.

"We gave it away last week but they came back. I think they came back with a little bit of focus. We didn't play well in the first quarter but they settled down and started doing what we ask," said Hoffman.

Alcovy's offense sputtered again in their next possession before a fake punt gave the Tigers the spark they needed. The 25-yard pass from Marcus Williams to Robert Bullard gave Alcovy the opportunity for Tre Sorrells to score on a 2-yard run.

"I thought about doing it earlier but I said there's on sense in backing my defense up. We were playing pretty well defensively," said Hoffman.

The Wolfpack tried to make adjustments to start the second half but Alcovy was able to change things as they continued to score. After plugging the middle of the line, Edwards, who finished the game with 103 yards off 10 carries, was able to get to the edge of the line of scrimmage for a 57-yard touchdown with less than two minutes left in the third frame.

"Teams have a hard time taking things away. If you take the sweep from Devon you have Tre on the inside. If you Tre going in one direction you have Cornell. Then if they pull people up we feel like we have a chance to throw the football," said Hoffman. "We have to go back and look. We can't be satisfied with what we have."

After Edwards scored on a 19-yard run, he had an interception returning the ball 37 yard to the Woodland 1-yard line. From there, White put the ball in the endzone in to give the Tigers a 34-0 lead.

Woodland scored their only touchdown on a 1-yard dive by Ivory Bryant.

Causing havoc in the Wolfpack backfield with sacks, pressuring the quarterback and preventing long runs were Curtis Benton, Drew Kendall, Joaquin Ross and Ryan Adams.

"I take my hat off to those guys, they were very coachable," said Hoffman. "Earlier in the week I told them to keep their gaps and for the most part they did."